5 Benefits Of Studying Abroad In College

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It might seem like studying abroad can be a lot of fun because, after all, you’ll be going to a different country and the grass is always greener somewhere else. However, studying in another country also offers you several benefits that aren’t shared by people who stick to their home turf.

Here are five benefits of studying abroad in college.

1. Learning About a Different Culture

One of the most fascinating things you’ll ever learn about is a culture other than your own. If you decide to study abroad, you’ll be effectively baptized in someone else’s culture and, most likely, enjoy the entire experience.

Once you know a lot about another culture, you make your own life more interesting. You’ll have anecdotes, stories, and conversation material from the other culture that you can use throughout your entire life.

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2. Improving Your Foreign Language Skills

If you’re studying a foreign language, it’s a great idea to visit the country that speaks the language that you’re learning. This way you’ll be immersed in a culture where everyone speaks the language regularly and, as a result, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your own use of the language.

You’ll also likely find that much of what you learned in your foreign language classes is academic. In other words, people don’t really “talk that way.” So, while you’re in that foreign country, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn the way that people really talk so that you can hold entire conversations with others who speak your second language as their native language.

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3. Career Opportunities

The fact that you studied abroad might be just the additional “push” that leads a prospective employer to tell you “You’re hired!”

Some employers don’t just want people who are skilled in a particular discipline. They also want people who have a rich educational background and are considered well rounded. In some cases, they’re looking for people who can work with a diverse workforce or speak a second language.

When you advertise that you’ve studied abroad, you’re making it clear that you have a depth of experience and cultural enrichment that many of your peers are lacking. It’s a great way to boost your chances to land a job.

4. Meet New Friends

One of the best reasons to study abroad is for the social development. You’ll likely run into a variety of people who share your interests and “hit it off” with you. You’ll connect with these people in person and then can continue to stay in touch on social media so that you can stay connected for life.

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5. Graduate School Admissions

If you’re planning on attending graduate school after you get your undergraduate degree, you’ll likely find that the admission committee at a school like Maryville University will be very impressed with the fact that you studied abroad. That says something about your commitment to education.

Studying abroad isn’t just about having a great time. It’s also an experience that offers personal and professional development. It’s a great opportunity for self-improvement.

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