5 Lesser Known Signs of Heart Attacks

A heart attack happens when an artery carrying blood to the heart gets blocked. As we grow older, the arteries carrying blood to the heart become narrower due to the accumulation of the fatty material called plaque. When the plaque breaks, blood cells and other particles stick to this area and eventually form a blood clot and restrict the blood flow that results in a heart attack. Before a heart attack occurs, it manifests many symptoms. Recognizing them beforehand is essential to prevent it. Mentioned below are 5 lesser known signs of a heart attack:

1. Pain in upper body parts

We know that extreme pain and pressure is witnessed in the chest and left hand during a heart attack. But, experiencing pain in other areas like the jaw, neck, ears or upper stomach are possible symptoms of a heart attack.

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2. Problems with digestion

Indigestion and stomach ache are common issues we all encounter from time to time. However, the reason behind them may not always be the same. Heart attacks often cause indigestion and vomiting. It is because heart attacks can manifest discomfort in the upper-digestive system and are often confused with severe acid reflexes and gas.

3. Feeling exhausted always

Our daily schedule can be hectic enough to exhausted us, but it is not the same when it is caused due to a potential heart attack. Feeling weak from time to time even when you have barely indulged in any physical activity is a possible sign of an approaching heart attack. Even walking for a very short distance becomes very challenging and causes shortness of breath. See a doctor immediately; it may be that you’re suffering from a lung disease instead. Buy a Venturi mask online if you are advised to take oxygen to battle the breathing issues.

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4. Unable to recall things

All of us experience memory loss at times in our lives. Usually, it can be due to paying inadequate attention to something. However, it can also be a symptom of a heart attack as well. When the arteries are blocked, the heart becomes incompetent in sending sufficient blood to the brain, and hence, results in sudden memory loss.

5. Sweating profusely

During a physical activity, our heart pumps more blood to keep up with it. When the arteries are narrow, our heart must work much harder to pump the required amount of blood. This increases the body temperature very fast and results in profuse sweating to bring down the body temperature. However, if you sweat unusually without excessive activities, you must see a cardiologist soon.

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Unfortunately, people often do not recognize the symptoms of a heart attack until it is too late. A heart attack can be fatal, and treatment is expensive as well. That is why many doctors suggest buying an ECG machine to monitor the heart condition regular, as an ECG machine price in India is much better than losing your life.

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