5 Must Have Android Apps For Students

Students and android phones have become kind of inseparable terms today. With numerous budget android phones available in market today, there is one for every one. Students need not break their piggy banks for owing one. To ensure that you take full advantage of your android phone, install the below listed apps and make your life easier:

  • Dictionary.com

Even though our national language is Hindi, the language which is being commonly used everywhere is English. Speaking as well as writing in good English matters a lot in this global era today. You can become a victim of some embarrassing situations if you spell wrong because some spelling mistakes can make your sentence viewed from just another level! With dictionary.com, learn how to spell new and confusing words correctly. Build your word power easily and score well on your assignments with this brilliant app! If you are a book lover, check out electronic dictionary bookmark found on snapdeal, which can be availed for a lesser price through snapdeal coupons present on CashKaro.com.

  • Chegg

How often do you find your college library short on books which you want? You then visit various shops to get that important book only to have realized how much time and money you wasted. With Chegg by your side, never land in that situation again. This app can be used for various purposes like to read, rent or even buy textbooks for your terms. You can filter your search by scanning through author, title and ISBN. If you still don’t find it, Amazon has a book treasure which you can take full advantage of. With these Amazon coupons on CashKaro.com, get exclusive deals and discount coupons along with the bonus of cash back.

  • Photo Editor

Among the many things students love, one thing they love the most is making memories by capturing almost each and every moment with their loved ones be it emotional, naughty, and adventurous or just any random moment. However many-a-times pictures lack on some quality issues which can be resolved through this app. From cropping to re-sizing, smoothing skin to making images noise free; it performs almost all functions. Add to it the awesome effect it provides to make pictures even prettier!

  • Dashboard

While traditional planners are equivalently good for planning purpose, but just admit that how many times do you even remember to open your study notebooks? You have your phone in your hands constantly and this is why it is best to plan your study time-table on it only with the help of this dashboard app. It’s free and lets you note down homework, class timings, exams and project & assignment deadlines.

  • Mint

One of the biggest problems of a student is having a limited budget yet always in the mood to spend! From outings to food, household expenses to printing expenses, shopping budget to travelling costs; you need to take care that you do not run out of money and also have a sum for emergent cases too. With Mint app, you can take care of your personal expenses where you can note down how much and where you spent. You can also put in your bill reminders here.

With these five apps, get ready to enjoy your college life. Have fun and be a little cautious too!

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