5cm Wearable Device Monitors Human’s Heart and Skin Trouble: Study

5cm Wearable Device Monitors Human’s Heart and Skin Trouble: Study


Northwestern University and University of Illinois recently developed a health device which detects when you are going to have heart problem and skin related problems. This will alert the person if they are going to have cardiovascular trouble or any other skin related problems.

Isn’t this amazing that this 5 centimeter square device working on our health and monitoring our heart function and skin related troubles for 24 hours without fail. This device is full of very tiny liquid crystals also fixable with our body. The devices turn to different colors if the person is suffering from any heart or skin troubles.

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The wearable researcher name Yonggang Huang, who is in the portion of research focused on theory, Design and modeling. They are studying on the devices for further benefits with the devices, there is some additional testing undergoing before the device can be put to use.

The theory of the device says that the transiting temperature is to show the blood flow rate, which is directly related to cardiovascular health and skin hydration levels. This device is built with latest technology included in it; the device has got a wireless heating system which is powered using electromagnetic waves present in the air. The heating system is to show the terminal results of particular skin. The research study is published in the journal nature communications.

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Detail Explanation of Wearable Device Monitors Heart Health

  1. More than 3,600 liquid crystals are included in the device, each one of them measures about 0.5 mm 2 fixable with person body. The function of the crystals is worn and serves temperature points; the device monitors your heart health by changing color in the device.
  2. The devices will detects the person heart health and skin troubles within 30 seconds.
  3. This device functions with wireless heating systems and powered by electromagnetic waves present in the air
  4. The devices would come with low cost in future comparing with infrared technologies present in these days, but there are testing undergoing before the device can be put to use.
  5. Researchers said that the device it totally practical until now, there are many changes undergoing in clinical and laboratory settings. The practice was done on people’s wrists and got good results.
  6. One of the senior researchers Yonggang Huang said that the wearable device is mechanically invisible; it is ultra thin and comfortable, much like skin itself.
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