Top 10 Blogs For Ubuntu Users

Top 10 Blogs For Ubuntu Users

For more information about Ubuntu, which sites we should chase it? This is a question beginner often ask, here, I’ll tell you 10 of my favorite blogs, the blog can help us solve the problem, let us keep upgraded of all the Ubuntu version of the update message. No, I’m not talking about the usual Linux and shell scripts a class stuff. I am talking about a smooth Linux desktop system and a common user experience to be on Ubuntu.

These sites help you solve the problem you are experiencing, and remind you to focus on a variety of applications and offer you the latest news from the Ubuntu world. This site can give you a better understanding of Ubuntu, so listed below are 10 of my favorite blogs, which includes all aspects of Ubuntu.

Here are 10 blogs every Ubuntu user must know

I started writing on its foss site began, I deliberately put it excluded, not included in the list. I also did not put Planet Ubuntu included in the list because it is not suitable for beginners.

OMG! Ubuntu!

This is a site only for Ubuntu lovers. No matter how small, as long as there are relationships and Ubuntu, is covered by OMG! Ubuntu will income Station! The blog includes news and applications. Here again, you can also find some tutorials on Ubuntu, but not many. This blog will let you know all kinds of things happen in the world of Ubuntu.

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Web Upd8

Web Upd8 is one of my favorite blog. In addition to covering the news, it is easy to understand tutorial. Web Upd8 also maintains several PPAs. Andrei sometimes bloggers will answer your questions in the comments, which will be helpful for you. This is one you can learn news, tutorial site.

Noobs Lab

Similar to Web Upd8, as there are many tutorials, news Noobs Lab, and it may be the biggest PPA themes and icon sets. If you are a noob, go Noobs Lab to see it.

Linux Scoop

Most of the blog is “writing blog.” You learn by watching the tutorial instructions and screenshots. And there is a lot of videos on Linux Scoop to help beginners to learn, is entirely a video blog.

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Compared to reading, if you prefer video, Linux Scoop should be the most suitable for you.

Ubuntu Geek

This is a relatively old blog. Coverage is very broad, and there are many tutorials and quick installation instructions. Although, sometimes I find some of them lack the depth tutorial article, of course, this may be just my personal opinion. Quick Tips want to go Ubuntu Geek.

Tech Drive-in

Update frequency of this site seems not as fast, probably busy with Manuel in his work, but still gives us a lot of things. News, tutorials, application review is the highlight of this blog. Blog often income to an Ubuntu news invitation message, Tech Drive-in is definitely a very worthwhile to learn your site.

Ubuntu Handbook

Quick tips, news and tutorials are Ubuntu Handbook the USP. Ji m also recently involved in maintaining some PPAS. I have to be very careful to say that this blog pages actually can do better Aspect, purely personal point of view. Ubuntu Handbook really convenient.

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This site was created by a lot of people together to maintain, but not limited to Ubuntu, it also covers a lot of other Linux distributions. It has its own forum to help users.

The Mukt

The Mukt is new representative of Muktware. Muktware is a gradual demise of the Linux organization, and Mukt rebirth. Muktware is a very rigorous Linux, open source blog, The Mukt involves a lot of wide range of topics, including technology, news, geek news, and sometimes entertainment news (sounds if there is a mix and match style sense?) The Mukt also includes many Ubuntu you are interested in news. The Mukt not just a blog, it is a cultural trend.


LinuxG is one you can find all the sites on the “how to install” type of article. Almost all of the articles are beginning to sentence “Hello, Linux geeksters, as you know ” blog can do better with a different theme. I often find some articles lacking in depth, and is written in a hurry, but it’s still a good place to focus on the latest version of the application.

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