A Guide To Netflix Movies: 9 Tips To Help You Stream Movies Like A Pro

Netflix Movies is an Company which provides movies on demand to its users via internet. It provides subscription based services and become a billion dollar company with more than 60 million users spanned across 40 countries. Netflix Movies offer more than 100,000 movie titles to its subscribers. Following are few tips on how to use this Internet based service.

Build up your Own Queue:

Netflix Movies homepage is filled up with many movies and only a single click on the image of any movie will start playing it. If you don’t want to watch it and you can save it for later. Netflix Movies allows its subscribers to move movies in queues so that they can be streamed or watched afterwards.

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Rate Movies:

Subscribers can also rate movies on Netflix Movies. This will help Netflix Movies to provide movies which users liked most. Based on subscribers rating Netflix Movies will recommend movies to new users.

Change Video Quality:

Video Quality can be changed based upon the internet speed offered by Internet Service Provider to Subscriber. Netflix Movies allows streaming in three different modes; you can choose any mode according to your connection speed. So people having slow Internet connection can also enjoy online movies.

Use Shortcuts:

For viewers who operate Netflix Movies on laptop, there are many shortcuts available that can ease their viewing pleasure. A simple press on ctrl-F’ button will initiate full screen mode and ctrl-Esc’ will exit full screen. Arrow keys will help you to control volume and to jump forward/backward in movie. Ctrl-M’ will mute audio.

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New Releases:

Every Monday netflix movies offer new movie titles to their subscribers. Considered as most popular feature they keep expanding their video library to offer wide range of selection. Users can also set reminders for new release.

Set Your Preferences:

Another great feature available to Netflix Movies users is that they can set their own preferences. Take a survey on according to your Taste and Preference and Netflix Movies will recommend movies according to your preference. This feature helps in selecting movie as per user’s mood from over 100,000 titles available in video library.

Not Interested:

Often it happens that Netflix Movies suggests movies which the viewer is not very fond of. To stop receiving recommendation of unwanted movie click on ’Not Interested’ option right below the ratings and Netflix Movies will automatically stop displaying unwanted movie titles.

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Watch in High Definition:

Another great feature present in Netflix Movies is that you can watch movies in High Definition. With the emergence of blu-ray discs many people love to watch movies in High Definition. Netflix Movies also allow its viewers to change video settings to watch movies in High Definition for better viewing experience.

Manage Profile:

Viewers can also manage their profile. There entire history can be seen through their profile and user can change his/her taste and preference from his/her profile page.

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