A Turkish Life At Sea

Life can leave you exhausted and down cast after months of work. You can however beat the piled up stress by taking a nice vacation to rejuvenate and lighten up your life. One great destination is Turkey.

Turkey has a mixture of Western and Eastern cultures and this makes it unique, giving you the opportunity to experience both worlds at the same time. With the rich culture and amazing places to visit, you can be sure to have a lovely vacation. The best of all the destinations you visit in Turkey will be those precious moments spent at sea. The life at sea in Turkey is a different ball game altogether, with exciting and awesome sea view to help you relax and lighten your mood. Here is an outline of places to visit that will give you a great taste of Turkish life at sea.

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Turkish Sea Resorts

This is home to some of the best coastal beaches and is ideal for romantic getaways, family time and fun time. With awesome beach views and a handful of activities such as swimming, diving lessons, water slides, windsurfing or just lounging on the beach. Majority of these beach resorts can be found between Antalya and Alanya. Some of the resorts also have private beaches for those who appreciate privacy. The resorts are exquisite and also offer mouthwatering dishes to thrill their guests.

Turkish Sea Lines

This is composed of various yachts, ferries, gullet boats and ships that are available for cruises on the Black Sea. The Black sea is free of dangerous marine life with calm waters that are tide free. A trip on any of these will immense you into the beauty and scenery of the wide open sea. The peaceful atmosphere here is just breathtaking. While at sea, these are some places to look out for:

  1. The Carven
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This is one place you must not miss out. It has caves made up of geological structures with interesting views both externally and internally, such as the Bulak Mencilis Cave with a long stretch of river and waterfall inside.

  1. Safranbolu town

Safranbolu town with its Ottoman konaks (mansions) made of timber and stone, which is one of the World Heritage sites in Turkey.

  1. The Sumela Monastery

It was built 4,000 feet up in the cliffs of Mt. Melaa and Trabzon’s Hagia Sophia, which can be spotted while at sea due to it immense height are important archeological highlights of the Black Sea.

  1. Gokgeada (Imroz)
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Gokgeada which is Turkey’s largest island, is located near the Dardanelles and is covered with pine and olive trees that is surrounded with sparkling clear water. You should get booking for cruises that offer tour guides to tell you interesting stories on the wonderful historical monuments that can be spotted while at sea.

But if you wish to travel to Turkey you must make plans ahead of time. Some things that you need ahead of time include hotel bookings (to avoid the last minute rush and to get to choose the best location for your vacation), your Turkey visas and flight reservations. So make out time and start planning that holiday you deserve.

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