Top 5 Countries To Visit During Winters

Winter is one the season of the year that you need to book a vacation, choosing the best destinations be it a country or a city is integral to enjoying your winter vacation in the best way possible. This article will guide on the top countries to visit during winter, they are;


Greece is well known for its summer holidays when the sun is high and hot, little do people know is that Greece is also a perfect tourists destination during winter. A visit to the country can be described as exciting and fulfilling. Winter season in Greece provides an ideal situation for hiking, adventurous activities and biking characterized by a cooler weather. The food served during winter is also something to enjoy during a vacation to Greece as you dinner with the locals.

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Greece especially during winter provides the world’s best mountains for skiing; Pelion, Macedonia and Peloponnesus just to name a few, the cool weather provides an appealing environment for sailing.


If are searching for a unique and best winter destination for adventure, you may consider Finland and experience the best of winter season. Spending a night inside an igloo alongside your friends is pretty cool; you can also dine in one of the igloo restaurants available throughout the Igloo village. The temperature in Finland during winter usually ranges from -3C – -6 C thus in requires boldness if you think of trying it out.

New Zealand

Winter in New Zealand is a different experience from other seasons in other countries, winter in New Zealand id similar to hottest season in the New Zealand, booking a vacation in the island is a pleasing experience, the National par and many more makes you have the best winter vacation, you can also indulge yourself in skydiving.

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It’s among the most popular destination during winter season. In Caribbean, the sun is constantly blaring down thus a preferred destination for tourists who are avoiding cold climate in their home countries. The Caribbean is known for its stunning beaches which are the best in the world; the vacation in the Caribbean is only complete only if you have your friends around you.

United States 

Spending winter holidays in the US cities especially New York is the best vacation ever, the snow lying the city skyscrapers makes you fall in love with the place, a visit to the Central Park is also an amazing place to visit, always remember to carry socks and glove as it gets extremely cold during winter in the US. You can also enjoy ice skating, during the Christmas you and your friend can take photos at the Rockefeller Plaza alongside the New York Santa Claus. Other cities to visit in the US during winter are New Orleans, San Francisco and the state of Alaska.

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When you visit the US always apply for Sri Lanka Visa authorization in order to ensure you vacation is not interpreted while in the US. The above are some of the top countries to visit during the winter other countries to visit are Czech Republic, France, Russia, Italy and the Montana.

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