Thinking Of The Best Places To See Wildlife In America? Here Is Your Guide!

Thinking Of The Best Places To See Wildlife In America? Here Is Your Guide!

So you are planning a vacation to the US but would love to go to places where you can see nature in its raw form? We take a look below at some of the best locations you should consider going to.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

If you love some variety in your wildlife viewing adventure, this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to visit. There are elk herds numbering over 3,000 and about 800 bighorn sheep. There are mule deer and there is also a small moose population.

However one animal is the main reason why this park is always in the spotlight for many people.  That animal is the coyote.  To get a proper view of the cousins of your dog, you need to visit the Coyote Valley Trail. This is an easy, handicap-accessible one-mile loop that is on the same road as the Colorado River in Kawuneeche Valley.  Be careful though and stick to park rules for your safety.

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Wild Animal Safari, Pine Mountain, Georgia

This is another park with focus on diversity but it also brings a bit of oddities. It is an all-star park because of the odd animals that can be found here. How does the thoughts of seeing a liger feel? The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress!

There is also the vervet monkey, one of the smallest monkeys around and the pig-tailed macaque another interesting member of the monkey family.  You can see all of these and more on the back of the park tour vehicle or you can rent a car and drive yourself. The animals here cut across six contents so you can be sure to be left deeply enthralled by the experience.

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Everglades National Park, Homestead Florida

Alligators are the first things that come to mind when the topic is the Everglades National Park and for good reasons too. However, this animal protection range is also home to another 36 animals that are protected by the US government. Some of these are facing huge threats to their survival.  One of such animals is the close cousin of the alligator, the American crocodile.

There is also the Florida Panther. There are only about 50 of these in the Wild today and most of them can only be found in this park. There are a few sea turtle species facing extinction that can be found here as well.  Other notable mentions are the West Indian Manatee and the Cape Sable seaside sparrow.

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In fact, this is the place to be if extinction biology is your thing. Here is hoping that there will be success stories of how these animals recovered from the brink of extinction.

These are some of the best places you should visit if your idea of a good US holiday is spending time with  nature. As you plan your trip to the US however, you need to keep in mind that you need a valid esta-visa. The ESTA document is what gives you authorisation to enter the States as a Brit. It is not the same as a Visa and has a 2-year validity.

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