Adobe Flash Player Releases New Version Of Now Available For Download

Adobe Flash Player Releases New Version Of Now Available For Download

Adobe has introduced a new version of Flash Player update to The update supports the IE browser and non-IE browser kernel, such as Chrome all versions, Firefox and Opera on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.That provides an uncompromised presentation of expressive applications, detailed version is, the new version brings two major new technologies: PPAPI installer, Stage3D hardware acceleration new configuration, please read the following two new features specific description.

Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform, browser-based applications. Running, it can be used across screens and browsers to view the original expressive applications, content and video. Flash Player optimized to achieve high performance on mobile screens, designed to take full advantage of native device capabilities, enabling richer, more compelling user experience.

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Adobe Flash Player 16.0 are two new features

1. Windows / Mac PPAPI Installer

PPAPI is Pepper Plugin API, is in the original Netscape NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API) based on evolved.

NPAPI is the most popular plug-in architecture, almost all browsers support, but there is a big security risk, the plug can steal the underlying system permissions, launch malicious attacks.

In 2010, Google has developed a new PPAPI, the Plug all run into the sandbox, 2012 Windows, Mac version of Chrome browser has upgraded PPAPI Flash Player, and completely out of hope at the end of this year worth NPAPI.

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According to experienced users PPAPI Flash Player, said it’s CPU and memory usage rate is relatively high, mainly because most of the cache in memory rather than on the hard disk, please note.

2. Stage3D Hardware Acceleration For The New Configuration

Flash Player 14 introduced in the desktop version of the new Stage3D GPU hardware acceleration technology, free the CPU pressure, reduce resource consumption, but it was just a standard edition configuration file. Flash Player 15 will bring a mobile version of its AIR.

Flash Player 16 and an increase of the standard limited edition (Standard Constrained) configuration files for the older, lower-end GPU, support for desktop and mobile platforms, such as for 85% of iOS devices.

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Developers can use the new constants STANDARD_CONSTRAINED Context 3D Profile where to access it.

Adobe Flash Player 16.0 official version of the official address

Download For Internet Explorer (And Other Support Internet Explorer Activex Controls And Plug-In Browser)

Download For Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera (And Other Browser-Based Plug-In)

Download For Chrome (Based On Pepper’s Flash Player)

Adobe Flash Player Official Local Players

Download For Adobe Flash Player Official Universal Uninstall Tool

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