Edinburgh: Top 5 Reasons To Visit

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One of Britain’s top tourist destinations, Edinburgh has gathered increasing attention this year after featuring in some of the summer’s biggest movies. Popular with travellers both young and old, whether looking for a short UK break or a longer stay to explore a new area, the wealth of historic, cultural and entertainment options available in the city make it an excellent choice at any time of year.

1. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival is renowned around the world as one of the best collections of performances currently on offer. Featuring in lists of best events each year, the Fringe Festival draws on theatre shows, comedians, dance pieces, physical theatre, music and live performances, shows designed for children, interactive installations, public exhibitions, musicals and light opera, street performance and many more innovative things to create its unique programme of activities. With almost three hundred venues participating in the summertime showcase, there are over three thousand shows for visitors to experience. The 2015 Fringe Festival runs from August 7th to 31st.

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2. Royal Connections

Perched high atop the city is the famous Edinburgh Castle, visible above the buildings from almost all areas of the town. Views from within its walls stretch as far as the Firth of Forth, looking out across Edinburgh’s historic buildings into the stunning Scottish landscape. Inside the popular visitor centre are a range of exhibitions covering numerous periods of history, but for most people the highlight is an opportunity to view the Scottish Crown Jewels. Running from the Castle to Holyroodhouse is the Royal Mile, connecting the ancient seat of power with the contemporary Scottish home of Britain’s reigning monarch.

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3. The Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a powerful event, attended by thousands annually. Servicemen and women from the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces are joined by a number of international military bands and their performance display teams to enact their routines on the esplanade directly in front of the castle. Tickets for the 2015 event, taking place between 7 and 29 August next year, have been selling in record time with more than half of the allocation selling within hours of their release.

4. Stunning Landscapes

Within the city confines a number of gardens and public spaces offer excellent greenery. Of these, Princes Street Gardens directly beneath the castle are the most famous, with their brightly coloured displays in summer. Elsewhere, the Royal Botanic Garden is definitely worth a visit, with many coach trips to the area including it in their tour. Their themed greenhouse exhibitions are a highlight. Outside Edinburgh and in the surrounding area, companies like http://www.lochsandglens.com/ offer trips into the Lothian Hills as part of their holiday experiences.

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5. Scotch Whisky

Known as the ‘water of life’, a trip to Edinburgh would be incomplete without enjoying a dram or two of the locally produced whiskies. The Scottish Whisky Heritage Centre is located centrally and offers an introduction to the history and production of the alcohol, whilst a wide range of shops in the area specialise in whiskies for the connoisseur.

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