Are Cosmetic Procedures Worth The Investment?

Cosmetic surgery has been around for a long time. Both men and women have used this procedure to enhance their looks. While no one argues the use of plastic surgery to correct a physical impairment, many people question whether it is worth the expense to undergo a procedure for cosmetic purposes. To figure out whether or not the cosmetic procedures are a worthwhile investment or creates a debt problem depends involves accessing several factors. We consulted with Dr. Simon Weight   in Perth to decide on common factors people should put thought into.


The cost of plastic surgery does vary and can depend on where the procedure is performed and the type of procedure. Smaller procedures like Botox injections can cost around $300. Procedures like a breast surgery can cost around $10,000. The majority of procedures people undergo can cost thousands of dollars. Wealthy people can pay cash for their procedures. However, the average person needs to seek a loan or use a credit card. The loans can accrue interest and create debt that a person may have to deal with for many years. Not being able to manage this debt can cause it to spiral out of control. If the discussion ended here, then cosmetic surgery may not be a good investment.

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Plastic Surgery as a Career Enhancer

As much as it is unfortunately to say, the way a person looks can have an effect on how they are perceived by the people around them. Unfortunately, not looking attractive or appearing old can affect a person’s career opportunities. Having an attractive appearance is no longer limited to careers in entertainment and modeling. The way a person looks can affect their chances of getting a job and how far they will climb the corporate ladder. Again, the idea of looking beautiful affects both women and men. There has been an increase in men seeking procedures like eye lift surgery and teeth whitening. Women are known to seek out a breast surgery, eye lifts and Botox. Anyone who undergoes any procedure to advance their career should consider what surgeries would be most effective. If surgery is an option, it is important to get procedures that will have the most impact.

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The Emotional Investment

The financial and professional impact of cosmetic surgery is often used to discuss whether any form of cosmetic procedure is worth the investment. However, what is often overlooked is how these surgeries can be an investment in a person’s self-worth. They way people view themselves can have a negative effect on a person’s emotional state and attitude. For many people, their outward appearance has strong effect on their sense of self and how they interact in the world. Someone who consults a breast surgeon, wants liposuction or rhinoplasty may view these procedures as a way to improve themselves. While there is may not be any tangible gain from a cosmetic procedure, the positive emotional impact that may result may make the investment worth whiles.

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We live in a world where a person’s outward appearance can have an effect on how they view themselves and others. There will probably not be a reduction in the amount of people who seeks a breast surgeon or any other type of doctor to enhance their looks any time soon. For some people these surgeries are not just vanity, they are investments in career success and self-esteem.

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