Bannerghatta Biological Park- Nature’s Abode In Bangalore

This 105. 30sq.Km national park comprises mostly of scrubland and lush green forest and is residence to wild animals such as lion, tiger, leopard, bison, wild boar as well as being a crucial corridor for elephants migrating amid the Western and Eastern Ghats. Other attractions involve a crocodile farm, serpentarium and a newly computed butterfly park. In extension, a segment of the park is utilised as a sanctuary for extricated wild animals, primarily from circuses. You have one of the best resorts in Bangalore for your accommodation and relish this in a weekend.


You can enjoy everything from panthers to avifauna in the Bannerghatta National Park. The approximately 25,000-acre area is residence to lions, panthers, a large variety of birds and tigers. Nourish in your sense of adventure with a Tiger and Lion safari or a Grand Safari (enveloping big cats and herbivores). Stroll through the Zoological Garden, with its canopy of sturdy and shady trees, get a silent resting place beside a lake and observe the waterfowl amusement. The place boasts an exceptional collection of reptiles; a park of snake exclusively lets you get up close and personal with the slithery, scaly creatures. A corner for children offers an extended attraction. Trekking professionals will relish Uddigebande (approximately 3.5 km) a rock with natural formation recognised as Hajjamana Kallu (approximately 3 km) and Mirza Hill (approximately 1.5 km)

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Enveloping an area of, involving a number of reserve forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division, the picturesque hills are stippled with several ancient shrines. The amazing Suvarnamukhi stream operating through the park arises in the hills of Suvarnamukhi. These beautiful hills are exclusively spread out to an extensive rock, approximately a kilometre long. The temple of Champaka Dharna Swamy constructed in the Dravidian form of the Hoysala age remains at the base of the rock. The shrine enshrines a picture of Vishnu with his consorts Bhudevi and Sridevi. The hill of Suvarnamukhi also houses a small temple committed to Narasimha, and two kilometres away is the pond of Suvarnamukhi. The pond waters are considered to have healing powers.

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A journey to Bannerghatta National Park is surely an extraordinary experience for history, nature, botany and wildlife buffs.

Bannerghatta Biological Park- Nature's Abode In Bangalore

What You Can Relish and See

A number of animals are examined here in this mesmerising National park. In the forest, the Mammals are exclusively left freely, and the travellers are taken for a trip around the forest in a well-caged mini-bus to acknowledge these creatures. Distinct partitions with big gates and moats isolate the forest into the Carnivores section and the Herbivores section. The Herbivores section includes of few animals like bears, deer, and a few monkeys etc. Bengal Tigers, Lions, White Tigers, are enveloped in the Carnivores’ section.

The travellers are acknowledged to view the forest region only in the joy ride (safari) buses and are not allowed to get off the bus. The Bannerghatta National Park also comprises of a zoo where birds, reptiles, and amphibians are examined after in cages. Threatened animals like Leopards, Cheetahs, Panthers, and Hyenas are examined after here, in cages.

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One can eventually get to look at Elephants, Rhinoceros, Porcupines, Zebras also in the Zoo region. Travelers are also fortunate to get American brown squirrel (Chipmunks) which are very bare in India.


The Bannerghatta National Park has been rigidly made a plastic-free area. The corner of Children is enveloped by several stalls and pushcart vendors selling enticing Indian snacks and chaats which are costly. Dry and sweet roasted peanuts and corn are also sold. The National Park also has a Hill View Restaurant organised by Jungle Resorts and Lodges just a few yards outside the zoo which offers cuisine on order, to the travellers. There is a Dosa camp on the adverse of the Entrance of the Park which delivers hot Dosas & other cuisine stuff but cuisine there is costly and not up to a point. You can also bring your food from your residence.

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