Beautiful Sand Dunes In Thiruvananthapuram Of Kerala- Kovalam Beach

Beautiful Sand Dunes In Thiruvananthapuram Of Kerala- Kovalam Beach

Kovalam beach was actually discovered by the hippies of the 70s, but now it is a good tourist destination for all kind of travellers. This part of Kerala is famous for ancient medical science-Ayurveda. Kovalam beach is also one of the popular honeymoon destinations of newly-weds. Here is a description of Kovalam.

Kovalam is a beach town by the Arabian Sea in Kerala and it is one of the most popular beach destinations for couples. The beaches in Kovalam were discovered in the early 1970s by hippies. It is one of the pristine beaches of South India. For spending a rejuvenating time in sand and sun, Kovalam is perfect. The beach lover will have a perfect time in Kovalam. You can either plan your stay in some luxurious hotels or pick from some cheap hotels in Kovalam.

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Kovalam is often known as the “Paradise” of South India. The picturesque beaches and the ayurvedic centres are its main claim to fame. Ayurveda is an important factor contributing to Kovalam’s tourism. Many government approved Ayurvedic treatment centres are situated in this part of Kerala. Even many Ayurveda resorts, spa and massage parlour are there for visitors. The literal meaning of Kovalam is ‘a grove of coconut trees’, so, tall, green coconut trees will seem to guide your path throughout your tour.

September to May is the time when you can enjoy the Kovalam beach. Thiruvananthapuram city is only 17 km away from Kovalam and it is the nearest railway station. You can hire a cab, taxi or bus to reach Kovalam. Thiruvananthapuram is the evergreen city of Kerala. You can also stay here for 2 days and enjoy the romantic nature of Thiruvananthapuram as well. And Kerala is well-connected to other major cities.

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Comfort, luxury or basic amenities; whatever may be your choice there are a number of hotels in and around Kovalam beach

Lighthouse Beach- Vedanta WakeUp!, Bethsaida Hermitage, Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village, KTDC Samudra are some very famous hotels near Kovalam beach which also provides spa and Yoga facilities to the guests. Accommodation is not a problem provided you book room before reaching Kovalam. These hotels serve well to the visitor’s preferences.

The main attraction Kovalam beach is divided into three beaches Light-House, Hawah and Samudra Beach together form the famous crescent of Kovalam.

Light-House beach got its name from the old Vizhinjam Lighthouse. The southernmost beach of Kovalam, it is one of the most visited beaches. Light-House beach is a lovely attraction; it is built up of stones coloured in red and white bands. This 118 feet tall lighthouse is a great place for fantastic photo shots. Hawah beach was the first topless beach of India but now topless bathing is banned here. Hawah and Samudra beach are the place where local fishermen ply their trade. Not so popular Ashoka beach is also the part of Kovalam beach. Overall, Kovalam beaches are the good place to visit for a weekend trip.

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