Beginner’s Guide To Barbecuing

Whether you are a master chef or just learning the basics of the kitchen, anyone can learn how to be successful at barbecuing. By following just a few simple tips and steps you can be well on your way to becoming a master chef, or at least knowledgeable enough to throw one mean backyard cookout.

1. It might seem obvious, but you will need a BBQ grill. There are various types and sizes depending on your needs. One option is a charcoal grill. These are typically less expensive and require quite a bit of charcoal. Some of the benefits of using charcoal is it is relatively inexpensive and you can get it at any grocery or convenience store. Also, it can come in several different smoky flavorings, such as mesquite or hickory smoked charcoal. Another option is the gas grill. In some ways, gas is easier because it is quicker to start and heat up, but it is less convenient to refill the propane tank than to pick up a bag of charcoal. It is up to you which type of grill will better suit your barbecuing needs.

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2. You will also need tools such as a spatula, tongs, fork and a grill brush. These items are imperative for placing your food on the grill, flipping the food and removing it when done. It would also be helpful to have aluminum foil and either a fish grill or basket for vegetables.

3. Select the foods you wish to cook on the barbecue grill. There are numerous items that can be grilled. For example, nearly every meat and many different vegetables are great for grilling. Your grilled items don’t need to be very complicated. You may select to just season your meats, or perhaps you will first decide to marinate them. If marinating, put your meats and marinade in either a reclose able or a plastic container and refrigerate overnight. Also make sure to clean and trim your veggies.

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4. Prepare your grill. The first step is making sure your grill is clean. Cleaning your grill consists of removing old ashes or scraping off the remnants from the last barbecue meal. Once clean, turn your grill on or light your charcoal. You will need to wait until the grill is at the right temperature before placing your food on the grill. Place your meats and vegetables on the grill, but make sure you don’t overcook your meats.

5.  Unless you are looking to fire roast your veggies, keep them to the perimeter of your grill, or on higher levels. This keeps them from burning or overcooking.

6. Don’t flip your meats too often. The ideal number of flips would be just once on each side. However, it is best to use the tongs or spatula when flipping so that you don’t poke holes in the meats and let the juices escape.

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7.  A little butter, lemon, sea salt and pepper are great additions to your veggies. These extras add just enough flavor to make your vegetables even more delectable.

8. Though you may have marinated your meats, save any basting you may wish to add to your meats near the end. The marinade will caramelize when the flames hit it.

9. Kabobs are fun to make and look nice on the dinner table.  However, if you decide to make kabobs, select vegetables and meat cubes that will cook at relatively the same time.

Barbecuing is simpler than it seems. So have fun with it. Experiment with different marinades and techniques to enjoy this outdoor cooking experience year round.

Written by the staff of Lutz’s BBQ, where they serve up tasty BBQ and provide some of the best service for catering Columbia MO has to offer.

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