Budget Ideas For Decorating A Living Room

Whoever told you decorating and re-decorating your living room needs to cost you an arm and a leg, wasn’t totally right. Truth is, investing in fixing up any space does cost money, but you can easily make costs way smaller than they can be. Also, know that whatever you do, you need to have a vision of what you want to accomplish. Randomly picking pieces of furniture out or painting and re-paining without any logic will waste you tones of money, leaving things feeling even worse than when you started.

So, here are some ideas to get you in the mood:

Find Your Personal Style

Since you’ve already got the desire to do some redecorating, you might as well take to a next level. You don’t need to make drastic changes to your space (but then again, why not) but rather have some outlines and ideas of what you would like to accomplish. Once you have picked out the style that feels just right, consult with someone who has a good eye and great ideas. You just need a little push in the right direction and you are all set.

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Walls, Colors and Shapes

Walls are what give the room a structure and wall colors are what sets the emotion and tone of a certain room. Before deciding on repainting the walls, do a little research on psychology of colors. You’ll learn which colors evoke what emotional responses in people and you’ll know what to do.

Depending on the type of decorations you decide on, you can always pick a central wall and paint it alone (or decorate with wallpaper or wall stickers in such a way they bring freshness to the to the space). You can look for it to match with the furniture, in theme and color.

Further, the way to bring those walls alive is to move around the existing art for a much desired sense of novelty. Or, if you hadn’t previously had any wall art, it’s time you bought some. You can even go DIY and buy frames that you’ll put your family photos in, or just random great moments you’d love to see on the walls.

If you are buying new furniture, look for it to be in harmony with the wall paint chosen. You shouldn’t go all “matchy matchy” but you do need to be consistent.

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Budget Ideas For Decorating A Living Room

Living-room Magic

A Bar

If your budget allows it, you can have an indoor bar installed. If your home is a centre for many family members, it only means you gather around for holidays and family time, and this is when bottles crack open. Red wine, white wine, liquor… anything you like at your immediate reach. Sounds amazing, right?

This actually doesn’t cost much if you find proper builders and yet – the effect is amazing!


For a room to shine in its beauty it’s necessary there is plenty of light. Hopefully, your living room has plenty of windows. If yes, the first thing to do is to open all the shutters and clean the windows! If, however, there aren’t many windows, make sure you create light for the space. Installing mini light bulbs doesn’t cost much yet you get a fully lighted space that on top of all will look amazing. Lighting darker corners or spaces in general will visually give the room some space and charm.  You may install a dimmer on your light.

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Budget Ideas For Decorating A Living Room


Don’t forget about picking just the right carpet for your space. Carpets are what holds the room together, so pick one that will seal the deal. A piece of advice – pick a rug that’s in contrast with the rest of the room. For instance, if your wall colors are simple and one-colored, pick a rug with a statement. You don’t have to go with the usual and uninteresting.

The Little Things

A house with no interesting details is not a house anybody wants to spend time in. What gives beauty to any space is accessorizes that speak of the owners taste and efforts. Photos, sculptures, pictures, shelves with books, plants… all organized well will most definitely make your living room sparkle! Also, don’t forget about the magic power of cushions on sofa beds and new covers. In case you wanted to keep your old furniture, throwing a cover in a new color and fabric over it will make it look different and new.

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