Car Care Tips: Preparing Your Car For Winter

Winter is perhaps the most exciting season. Christmas is just around the corner so you surely have lots of stuff to buy and places to visit. However, driving can be risky in winter. The road is slippery and there are some obstacles that you will encounter down the road. Thus, you have to make sure that your car properly works before you face the challenges of winter driving. To ensure your safety while driving, here are some tips to get your car ready for winter.

  • Changing Oil and Oil Filters

An oil change is one of the most important things that you have to accomplish before you drive your car in winter. Essentially, oil gets ticker as the weather gets colder so you have to make sure that your oil can make your car well lubricated. It is also important to change your oil filters to ensure safe driving.

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Your car’s battery is another thing that you have to check not only in winter but regularly. Make sure that your batteries connections and posts are free of corrosion. With the help of professional tools, you will know if your battery is weak. Consider testing your battery in a repair shop if it’s already three years old or more.

  • Replacing Dirty Filters
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Check all the filters in your car including fuel, PVC and air filters. Replace them right away if they are dirty since dirty filters can affect your engine. Clean filters will help your engine run well even on slippery roads, thus making your car more efficient as it burns less gasoline.

  • Checking your Brakes, Lights, Belts and Hoses

If you’re going to drive in winter, it’s not just your car battery that you have to check. You also have to examine your car’s brakes, lights and bulbs, belts, and hoses. If there are burned out bulbs, replace them immediately. Whether or not your car is modern, it is still important to check your belts and hoses for wear and tear. Also check your brakes to prevent possible road accidents.

  • Considering Snow Tires

Snow tires are ideal if you’re going to drive along or you live within a hilly area. Snow tires will help improve traction in slippery roads and hilly places. If you want to ensure a safe and sound winter road trip, investing on snow tires is surely a great and worthy idea.

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