Tangle Teezer Review: Is This Hairbrush Value The Hype?

Tangle Teezer Review Is This Hairbrush Value The Hype

This brush has acquired lots of attention in the media recently, but while I was looking at purchasing one for my upcoming trip I couldn’t appear to find a decent tangle teezer review to see if it was really worth purchasing one – being the thrifty traveller that I am, I wanted to see if they actually worked beforehand splashing my cash!

Now that I have tried one, I thought it’s around time that I wrote a review; in this article we’ll be lengthily covering what the tangle teezer does, how it works, the profits it has for your hair, whether it is travel friendly, and obviously we’ll take a stare at the cons!

1. Does it Work?

First, let me define my hair type to you: it is long, fine (but a lot of it) in addition to straight. It tangles lots after being washed – I factually dread getting out of the bath as it takes me the finest part of ten minutes to untangle my hair. I found that by the tangle teezer brush it took less than half the time to get through my tangles as a consistent brush.

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It didn’t hurt also and since it wasn’t tugging at my hair there was fewer of it that came out. The bristles are not that long, however, and so I found that the most operative way to use this brush was to division up my hair rather than trying to get the brush over all of it at once.

2. Does It Have Profits for Your Hair?

Forcefully brushing over your hair after showering is actually, really bad for it; your hair is more delicate when it’s wet, so, ripping through with a comb or else brush causes breakage, in addition to will also pull lots of it out, hence those foul clumps of hair in your brush that look like a dead hamster! Since the tangle teezer glides over your hair without tugging it, it reasons a lot less damage, and so it’s much kinder to your hair than a usual brush or comb.

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3. Is It Worthy for Travel?

I opted for the compacted styler form as it’s smaller than other models and fits cozily into your handbag in addition to so makes for a bizarre travel accessory. The other thing that I esteemed about having it with me on holiday is that it takes less time to get prepared – I don’t have to expend ten minutes combing over the tangles in my hair meaning I could get to the beach faster! For home, it is worth checking out the Aqua Splash tangle teezer which is deliberately designed for wet hair.

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Well, one thing is for sure – I wish somebody had told me about the tangle teezer uk beforehand now! I wouldd been putting up with painful tangled hair for what felt like incessantly, and I dreaded brushing my hair after a bath – not only did it hurt like hell, however it took forever. I would certainly commend trying this product.

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