China Will Not FeeL Jealous About India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Success

China Will Not FeeL Jealous About India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Success

China will not feel jealous of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) success, India beat China,” India became the first Asian country to arrive on Mars, China in 2011 failed to achieve that attempt New Delhi TV website entitled “Mars milestone – more than China, India in a big interstellar field,” state-run Global Times said in its editorial titled ‘India’s Mars success boosts space research’.

India is like Mars raring children starting to run a 100 meters sprint the same. There is no doubt that India has an important Mars geopolitical significance, especially ahead of the Chinese.

United States, “Globe and Mail” quoted the Indian Space expert Pallava bagla words, regional powers China and India compete in space terms, this success in India ahead of China. Reported that, shortly after Indian leaders in 2012 announced the decision to launch the ” Mangalyaan ” sign in the Independence Day speech after China failed Mars probe out of Earth’s atmosphere. The search for signs of life on the red planet Mars India won the first battle to become a huge source of national pride. The BBC said many people said, seeking superpower status for India is concerned, this effort to arrive activity on Mars was “nonsense”, because there are still 400 million Indians without electricity, 600 million Indians are no toilets available.

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“The success of India’s Mars probe is indeed a major breakthrough, but it does not mean that India over China in space technology.” Professor, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Jiao Weixin on the 24th in the “Global Times” reporter said that India belongs to the Mars probe launch technology validation type, is to test the detector, cut into Mars orbit and the Mars capture technology is not qualified, it’s just a basic work. The Mars mission and India also with the American deep space communications network. “I think China in space technology level or ahead of India, China after the United States and Russia to independently conduct manned space nation, and China’s space infrastructure more complete, carry, launch, recovery and other than India strong. “

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According to the BBC news on the 24th, so far, China in almost any aspect of a space technology leader in India: with a launch weight of four times India’s rockets; manned spaceflight has been successfully implemented, but India has not yet involved in the field; 2007 year, China completed the first in India before flying to the moon mission.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on the 24th at the press conference, said India ” Mangalyaan” Mars probe successfully entered Mars orbit congratulations. It is India’s pride, but also the pride of Asia, is a major progress of mankind in the peaceful exploration and use of outer space made.

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