Choosing A Photographer For Your Special Day

You wedding day is a day that creates memories that should last a lifetime. Finding the right photographer to capture those happy moments is therefore vital, but can almost be as difficult as finding the right person to share them with. Following these quick steps can help, and take some of the luck out of the wedding-photographer roulette.

Things to Consider

Personal style and personality, photographer approach, photographer experience and budget are among the important considerations in the selection and hiring process.

Personal Style

Each couple will have their own individual style, and it is important that the photographs produced are reflective of your personalities. What if you don’t know what your style is? This is not a problem. Simply ask yourself do the photographs appeal to you or not. If you are not a lovey-dovey couple, but all the photographs from a particular photographer feature couples in poses that you would never dream of finding yourself, then they are probably not the right photographer for you.

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Most photographers, including, have websites with past work displayed on them. Look through as many as you can. Do you like the photographs that they have taken? Of course they will only display their best ones, but at least some of the photos on there should reflect they style you would like. For ideas of something a little bit different, check out the Wedding Photojournalist Association website


Budget is a major factor when selecting a photographer. But it shouldn’t be the only factor. Something which will be as lasting as wedding photographs may warrant a slight overspent. True, you can save money by getting a family member or friend to take photographs, but wouldn’t you like them to enjoy and share the day with you? The most expensive photographers are not always the best, and some that appear to be good value for money may have hidden costs (e.g. extra for putting together the album). You’ll get some idea of prices on the Wedding Photographer Index

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When it comes to wedding photographers, you can’t beat recommendations from people that you know. Through recommendations you learn not just how good the final photographs are, but how easy the photographer was to work with. Try to look at as many albums as possible, take note of how visible or invisible the photographer is at weddings you attend. And don’t just look locally. Good photographers are often willing to travel a reasonable distance. The venue may also be able to make recommendations.

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Experienced photographers will get all the photos you need, and be well able to arrange the shots without controlling the whole wedding day. Ask if you can see them in action, or set up a meeting in advance at your wedding venue. Your wedding venue will make an important backdrop to your photographs, and a good photographer will want to see in advance how they can utilise the setting to best effect. If you’ve chosen somewhere like Lulworth Castle for the big day, you’ll want to make sure that it features well in the shots.

Follow these steps, and when the big day comes around, you’re sure to be smiling in all your photographs

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