Dating Tips For Beginners – Tips For Women

Dating isn’t exactly an easy ball game, no matter how you stack it. Regardless of who you are, when it comes to dating, we all have a tendency to get nervous. For centuries, women have been dating – yes, some do it better than others, but what about those who have never dated before? Here, we are going to give you some tips that will hopefully make dating easier for you.

Do Your Own Thing

We need to start out by telling you that you need to remain who you are and do your own thing. You should never let a man become the center of your world – this will only take you over. You see, if you make a man your whole life and he knows it, he will more than likely lose interest because he will feel smothered … no one wants to feel smothered in a relationship. Just remember, the man obviously fell for “you,” so you need to remain the woman you are.

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Believe it or not, confidence goes a long way. Some actually say that confidence means more than looks. Mind you, you should have just the right confidence – you don’t want to seem conceded.

Don’t Loosen Up too Much

You may think that it is cute to have five glasses of wine during that date but he probably doesn’t think the same. If this is the first date, you need to give him the opportunity to get to know you for who you are. We understand that you want to loosen up but this is not the way to go. If you need to loosen up, try watching a funny movie right before your date. On a side note, you need to actually order dinner.

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We know this one guy that went on a date and the lady didn’t order anything because she wasn’t hungry. However, every time he cut into his steak, she reached over, grabbed it and ate it. That’s not exactly a good date, because no guy likes sharing his steak!

Don’t Go Too Far on the First Date

Despite what you may believe, there are some guys out there that don’t like to “hook up” after the first date. By doing this, you will make him wonder if you do this with every guy, every time. Some women are under the impression that they have to get physical on the first date, otherwise he will lose interest but this isn’t exactly how it is … not all the time.

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There are many good guys out there that would like to get to know you before you get physical – getting physical on the first date will only make it complicated to get to know you but it’s upto you, we are not saying anyone will think any less of you if you do just that it’s not always a good idea.

So girls, don’t get drunk on your first date, there’s no need to get physical on your first date, have confidence and do your own thing. By following the above tips, you should do just fine on your first date.

This post was supplied by Lyndon. Lyndon runs a no strings dating site, and he knows what he is talking about.

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