Designs For Long Nails

Designs For Long Nails

Having long nails is ideal for showing off a myriad of designs and decorations to complete a perfect daily outfits and will contribute to an amazing hands and dazzling appearance.

If you’re looking to decorate your nails original shape and give them a creative touch and, of course, following the latest indications of fashion in nail art, then you cannot miss this article. We show you some suggestions on designs for long nails that you can copy and see how you are.

If you are a supporter of the French manicure, you can now give an original touch to the design for long nails. This is a reverse French manicure, perfect to follow trends and be trendy. Just have to paint a crescent at the base of the nail in one color and the rest in another tone. You can choose the colors of glaze that you like, matte pastels stomp and are great for any occasion.

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Still have not tried the gradient effect on your nails? It is a very easy-to-get and you can combine the two to four different colors of enamel. Try to choose those tones that fit well together so that the end result is you get a flattering and decorated so cute and attractive nails.

Within the fashion prints, we can see that both garments and accessories highlight the ethnic or tribal print, and the nail art has also been very successful. This design is spectacular long nails to complete your looks and fill them with color and life in the spring-summer season.

If you love the retro trend that is present in fashion, why not also translate it on your nails! Merging old trends and adapt to current avant-garde styling is the order of the day in the world of fashion, and to complete your vintage look we propose a Nail with floral pattern in true retro style. You get to wear a super creative manicure and combined perfectly with your daily outfits.

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If before we saw countless nail designs with moles or moles as protagonists, now take the new relay very feminine prints like hearts or heart print. It has become a staple in both accessories and all types of clothes to wear and, finally, it has also come to the Nail. The little hearts on a colored base look great and are amazing to reflect a much more romantic and sweet look.

A very popular nail art that is very much on trend manicure is the sailor stripes. You can do this nail design in navy and white, or even combine these colors with red and azure blue to look more cheerful and striking a nail. Although it may seem difficult, there is a trick to get perfect stripes make for which you only need a bit of tape.

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With limes, today you can shape your nails the way you like, whether round, oval, square, etc. And now, if you’re lucky enough to have a good long nails, there is a new trend that has caused a furor among celebrities, it is pointed out the nails. You can show them off completely painted with one color, paint only the edge of the nail as seen in the image, or take them completely decorated with the designs that you like.
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