Secret Language Of Wedding Flowers

What a lucky girl you are- the love of your life has asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. Once all the shock and joy pass, it won’t be long and you will have to plan the most special day of your life – the wedding ceremony.

With such a wide range of wedding planning companies, you will have it a bit easier- you’re gonna have a person who will be in charge of bossing people around, ordering the food and venue- you just have to let go and trust they will do a good job.


Consult with your wedding planner about the venue, restaurant and decorations. She might be the one arranging them, but you and your future husband are the ones that have the final say. The food, drinks and decorations are something that can make or break the wedding experience for some people, so it’s important to take everything into account.

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Something that will visually have one of the biggest impacts are the flowers used for the decorations and ones that your flower girl will carry down the aisle in her flower girl basket, so make sure you pick the ones that are most suited for what you want to portray with the wedding, and of course, the flowers should be all about complimenting the formal dress you chose for her. Read about some meanings of different popular wedding flowers you might not have known about.


Secret Language Of Wedding Flowers

A very popular flower, full of fragrance symbolizes sweetness, thoughtfulness and trust. The delicate and elegant characteristics of the Ballerina Fressia variety have made it one of the most popular wedding flowers. Nonetheless, you might steer clear of this one as it is the official flower of the seventh anniversary.

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Secret Language Of Wedding Flowers

Gardenia is known for its pure and sweet, delicate look. It conveys thoughts of joy and love, but this seemingly lovely flower can turn into a potential disaster- if handled incorrectly, the petals of gardenias can turn totally black.


Secret Language Of Wedding Flowers

Experts agree on this one – it symbolizes purity, devotion and luck. It has a relaxing and lingering aroma that will fill the halls of your wedding venue. It has also made a comeback with the ever-growing popularity of retro, vintage and country-style weddings.


Secret Language Of Wedding Flowers

As it is a flower that holds a long tradition in many countries, it is no wonder that peonies have a thousand and one story behind them. What they mostly symbolize is bashfulness, richness, compassion, romance, prosperity and honor, and it is one of the most popular wedding flowers out there- its softness makes it an incredibly sought after and expensive bloom, but it also symbolizes a happy life and marriage, as well as good health. That being said, it is the official flower of the twelfth wedding anniversary.

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Secret Language Of Wedding Flowers

This flower is one where people tend to have different opinions on. Whereas some deem it a soulful flower which symbolizes heartfelt, endearing emotions, gratitude, friendship and devotion, others say it stands for frigidity, boastfulness and vanity. Another interesting fact is that this pretty bunch of petals also has medical forte- it’s roots can be used for detoxification, while the bark is thought to give relief to muscle sprains. Some even give it magical properties and say it was used to break curses.

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