Different Types Of Designer Swimwear

Some of us would like to rename the summer season and call it swimwear season. Summer brings along with it the ultimate outdoor fun and the joy of relaxing on a beach. These days’ people are taking their swimwear collection seriously. You can even say that some people take swimwear as a personal fashion statement rather than a piece of clothing that they wear on a beach. With the summer season in its full youth, we are sure that most of you will be looking forward to buy some nice swimwear for yourself. We are happy to recommend you to visit Proswimwear if you are looking forward to buying swimwear at great prices. In this article we will introduce you to some of the best designer swimwear collection available. Doesn’t matter if you have an hour glass figure, a petite body type or a voluptuous figure, with the right swimwear you can surely make some heads turn at the beach this summer.

  • Retro or Vintage Styled Swimwear:
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Retro or vintage styled swimwear derives inspiration from the 50s. Some people might say that such swimsuits won’t fit in today’s fashion but this is nothing but a misconception. If you have the confidence to carry and a taste for retro styles, be assured that you will look awesome in retro swimwear. One thing to note is that retro or vintage swimwear is supposed to be conservative in their very design. They are not supposed to reveal much.

  • Bikini Swimwear:

Bikini swimwear is for those who are not shy at all. Most bikini swimwear comes in two pieces. This is the category of swimwear that is most popular amongst women these days. Women with hour glass figures and voluptuous body shapes always look stunning in bikini swimwear.

  • Thongs:
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Thongs fall in the category of minimum clothing. You can say that thongs are the swimwear equivalent of G-Strings. With such a minimum surface area, you will wonder how designers can put variety in it but you will be amazed to see how many different designs of thongs are available in the market. Thongs are supposed to reveal as much as possible. You will find plenty of women wearing thongs on the beaches of Miami. Women who work out and have a firm butt always prefer thongs as it lets them to flaunt their curves.

  • Swimwear for Professional Swimmers:
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Professional swimwear is full body swimwear. They are not meant for those who simply want to stay on the shore or bask in the sun. They are made from artificial fiber such as spandex and Lycra. Commonly known as a bodysuit, professional swimwear is designed in such a way that it decreases the drag and resistance that is offered by water when you are swimming in it. They are an ideal choice for those who either participate in swimming competitions or swim far away from the shore.

  • One Piece Swimwear:

One piece swimwear do not reveal as much as the two piece swimwear do but a lot of people find them more attractive. One piece swimwear also has more variety and designs as compared to two piece swimwear.

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