Do I Need To Hire A London Architect For My Renovation Project?

It’s a common query when planning a small home or office renovation or remodelling job. When do you need to hire an architect and when is it easier and cheaper to do it yourself? There are a few obvious examples: If you’re thinking of removing a wall that you didn’t construct yourself, then yes. If you’re changing the paint scheme, no. But there is plenty in between.

Yes, you need an architect…

If you’re changing or incorporating new materials into your home or office, get professional advice. It might seem like a design issue but architects have a better understanding of construction materials, and how they work together to change room insulation and acoustics.

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Too much sound absorption can be just as disturbing as too little.

As already mentioned, if you’re removing a wall, call some architects in London for advice. is an architect based in London and is always pleased to offer advice where needed. Architects think in 3D. Where you see a bigger dining room, they might see ceiling sag that will take 10 years to develop and unsupported third-party walls.

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And of course, when you know you need to change something but just can’t figure out a solution, give them a call. Architects work with clients to establish their true needs and prioritise their wants. Sometimes we work a little like therapists to uncover the thinking behind some radical design suggestions. It’s always cheaper to avoid a second remodelling job by asking a professional for advice in the first place.

It’s also worth considering, if the changes are a joint venture, between partners – business or otherwise – that hiring an architect is the best way to avoid disputes and the need for later changes. A good architect can find a solution that is both a compromise and an improvement. And remember, based on their qualifications and registration, architects make insured decisions.

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No, you don’t need an architect…

Like we said, when changing the colour scheme of your home you can do it yourself or call an interior architect. When adding a hardboard and plaster dividing wall, an architect is not required. In fact there are a hundred small jobs you can do yourself, but if in doubt, call a professional.

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