Pension – The Route To A Secured Future

The pension benefits cannot be taken away from you by anyone, but if the company starts declining and starts making major losses, it will affect your future pension scheme. Even though the schemes are insured, it does not guarantee 100% value back. In this case, for people who take monthly pensions from the company are at a far more risk than people who have opted for lump sum money.

Switching jobs can have an effect on your future pension plans. Or an early retirement than the mentioned age, can have an impact on your pensions.

Factors Affecting you Pension

There are certain factors that affect the value of your pension, such as:

Not knowing where the investments have been made, how much are you going to be benefited and what happens in case the company is making a loss.

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Knowledge of what returns you are getting from your investments is a priority. If you feel the return is not up to you expectations, you can change investments. But for that knowing how much returns are coming your way is very important.

Sudden downfall in the market can affect the value of your investments, thereby making a direct impact on your pension fund. Choose wisely, study the market correctly and make a wise investment.

Sudden death or separation from your spouse can sometimes affect the value of your pension. But these are circumstances which one cannot control.

Having the knowledge of your pension once you retire along with other investments done.

An anticipated growth in the salary of the employer in future affects the value of pension defined by the employee.

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Let’s Conclude

Looking at the benefits of pension, it not only secures your future but also gives you the provided income for purchasing a house or a car when you are need. Also you have something to leave for your children. There are demerits also if the investments go wrong or an expected return is not there, so getting a pension review is very important and should be of priority, keeping your future dreams in mind.

Below are three reasons why you should look at your pension from time to time.


You need to know whether you’re paying right or paying much more than required for your retirement. The annual management fee for managing your pensions should not be much more that a percent.

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Type of Pension:

Which type of pension are you investing in. The cheapest way to invest in your pension is using the services of stakeholders. Unless you have lots of funds, avoid investing in Personal Pension or other pension types.

Flow of Cash:

When would you need your pension funds? The flow of cash should be based on when you would retire. If you’re going to retire within a year, you should be able to turn at least 80 percent of your deposits based on investment and if within five years then at least 20 percent of funds should be cash safe guard.

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