Do’s and Don’ts Of Selecting The Best Immigration Consultants

Many young professionals desire to immigrate to nations like Canada in pursuit of a better career and a brighter future for their family. Canada in particular has been attracting a lot of highly skilled people thanks to its multi year 1 million immigrants goal. Life in Canada might be very promising, but the process to qualify for the Permanent Residence Visa is not only complicated but cumbersome too. This is where certified Immigration Consultants step in to help the candidates at various stages of the process. But how to be safe from the fraudsters and find the best immigration consultants who can really help us in the process? Here are the top tips for you.

Do’s of selecting the best immigration consultants:

  • Do your research: There are so many ways a person can search for information. It is vital to spend some time searching and researching about what consultancies offer. This gives the much needed confidence to look for the right service provider. Research can help you find the best ranked, most successful and the most reliable immigration consultants.
  • Do ask for referrals: There are so many people out there who have already hired immigration consultants. One can ask for good referrals in their their own networks, social media groups, immigration related forums and so on. You can visit some review sites to get a fair idea about other candidates’ experiences.
  • Do ask about registration, expertise and experience: Any immigration consultant has to be registered with the government of India as well as the immigration authorities of respective countries. Once you shortlist a few Immigration Consultants in India, you need to ask about their registration and license. Next thing to consider is their expertise and experience in the field. If they have good number of successful immigrants and happy customers, they are the right choice for you.
  • Do have an open discussion about your profile: Your profile needs to be assessed before creating a profile for Canada PR. This only the registered firms can conduct such assessment. Candidates should always have an open discussion about how eligible they are and what are the chances of getting Canada PR.
  • Do ask for fees breakdown: Last but not the least, you should get a detailed breakdown of the fees. This amount may vary from one Immigration consult to another depending on the services.
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Dont’s of selecting the best immigration consultants:

  • Don’t settle for the first firm that comes your way: It would be foolish to settle for the first immigration consultant you meet just because you know them or someone recommended. Many a times some good consultants might be overburdened and your entire process may get delayed. Always do a thorough research before hiring the right tone.
  • Don’t pay for services you don’t need: Immigration Consultants will offer a wide range of immigration related services. But you may not need some of them and it is necessary to make it clear to the consultants. Once you receive the fees breakdown, decide what services are required and pay only for those.
  • Don’t opt for the cheapest firm: It is necessary to to remember that not everything that is cheap is good. Especially the best Immigration Consultants will charge a good amount. Based on the profile assessment and the chances of getting Canada PR, one can invest in a good immigration consultant.
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Aspirants need to be realistic in pursuing their Canada dream and hire a consultant only if they have good chances. Having such certified professionals by your side to guide you at every step is quite an advantage and a worthy investment considering what a wonderful future Canada has to offer.

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