Drinks To Help You Detox (Or Not) Post Diwali

Drinks To Help You Detox (Or Not) Post Diwali

With the festive fun of Diwali now behind us, it’stime to give our bodies a bit of a well-earned rest. As much as we love the rich, flavoursome food eaten throughout Diwali there comes a time (unfortunately) when we have to stop.

At Masala Zone, we have thoroughly enjoyed Diwali and have savored all our dishes. Our DhaabaRoghan Josh (slow-cooked lamb curry) and MurghMethi Masala (chicken tikka cooked in fenugreek, onion and tomato) were big hits, as was Undhiyo (a sweet potato, raw banana, baby aubergine, snow peas and purple yam curry). And don’t even get us started on the Diwali delight (a dessert of chocolate brownie, ice cream and sauce). Needless to say, we are releasing our belts a notch or two and thinking about re-acquainting ourselves with the gym once again.

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We are also thinking about all the great drinks we have on the menu to help banish those post-festival blues and give our bodies a much needed break. Here’s a selection:

Cooling lassis: This popular drink is a blend of yogurt and water with spices or fruit added for extra flavour. Essentially smoothies with an Indian twist, lassis are as delicious as they are varied. On the menu at Masala Zone we have natural, mango and strawberry lassis on offer. We also servechaas, a fat-free version which is gently spiced with fresh coriander and cumin seeds. Lassis are traditionally drunk in India to help aid the digestive system – so get sipping.

Juices: A great way to give yourself an instant healthy boost is by drinking a cool glass of fruit juice. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, they are even better when blended together. Choose from orange and mango, apple and mint or apple and pomegranate and give your body a helping hand. Or you might want to try a nimboopani (fresh lime squash) that is as popular at Masala Zone as it is in India. Cool, refreshing and good in so many ways.

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Forget the detox: Of course, there is also the option of doing everything in moderation. If you are someone who has not over-indulged this Diwali (we applaud your willpower), you might want to drink something a little more extravagant with your next meal. Featured on the Masala Zone cocktail list you will find such gems as the Masala Ginger Mojito or a Mango Bellini. You could argue that both of these are packed with plenty of fruit and spices and thus give just as much of a boost as a juice. They certainly won’t disappoint on taste.

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Whether you choose to embrace the detox or decide to carry on the celebrations for just a little bit longer, you will find a range of delicious and healthy drinks and dishes on offer at Masala Zone. We believe that food and drink are so much more than just fuel or enjoyment;what we consume has a direct impact on our bodies’ health and well-being, which is why we only use fresh ingredients, relatively little oil and focus on healthy food and drinks.

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