Phuket: Now A Health and Fitness Destination

Let’s face it, getting fit and healthy is no walk in the park (which is ironic because a walk in the park would actually help) and it is certainly not as enjoyable as some people would have you believe. If it really was as simple and enjoyable as magazines, TV shows, and overly enthusiastic fitness icons would have you believe, the world wouldn’t be in the midst of an obesity epidemic, as it currently is, as a majority of people would instead be fitter, slimmer, and healthier. One of the keys health and fitness success is finding not only the right balance of diet, nutrition, and exercise, but also finding sustainable activities, foods, and drinks, that you enjoy for a prolonged period of time. Nowadays, more and more people are heading to Thailand of all places, particularly Phuket, in pursuit of a fitter and healthier body. Why Thailand, or specifically, why Phuket? Because of PhuketFit, the best health and fitness retreat in Thailand, and a contender for one of the best retreats in the entire world.

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What makes PhuketFit so appealing? – The main thing that makes PhuketFit so appealing is the fact that during their time in operation, they have gone from strength to strength, helping countless individuals from all over the globe, reach their health and fitness goals in a majority of different ways. They offer the following programs:

• Total fitness programs
• Detoxification and cleansing programs
• Weight loss programs

Which facilities, tools, and classes do they offer? – At Phuketfit, there is almost literally something for everybody to choose from, meaning that people of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, and athletic abilities will be catered for in the most efficient, professional, and effective manner. The members of staff come from all across the globe and possess countless qualifications, with each one specializing in something different. Just a few examples of the facilities, classes, and tools on offer to guests staying at Phuketfit include:

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• One to one personal training
• Fully customized meal plans
• Fully customised personal training and exercise plans
• Access to the state of the art fitness centre
• Crossfit-style workouts
• Yoga classes
• Dance classes
• Muay Thai kickboxing classes
• Interval training
• Strength and conditioning training
• Detoxes and cleanses
• Zumba classes
• Pilates
• Weight training
• Circuit training
• Beach bootcamps
• And much more besides

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How about the resort itself? – Whilst the state of the art facilities at Phuketfit are literally in a class of their own, with no expense spared, it is the resort itself that many clients tend to find so appealing. It is about as far removed from everyday living as you can imagine, situated on a stunning beach location, surrounded by lush green trees, golden sandy beaches, and the sea itself. It is as relaxing as it is beautiful, so not only can you get fitter and healthier, you can also relax and unwind in your very own tropical paradise in the process.

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