Fall In Love With Different Cuts Of Diamonds For Bridesmaids

Fall In Love With Different Cuts Of Diamonds For Bridesmaids

On a woman’s wedding day, her bridesmaids are crucial to the planning, preparations, organizing and keeping the bride happy. It takes a lot of work to keep the bride happy. Bridesmaids are responsible for the bridal shower, the bachelorette party and working through any wedding plan related stresses that might come their way. This sort of responsibility takes a lot of guts and gravy to manage. In order to surprise your bridesmaids with a gift befitting their commitment, love and commitment, surprise them with some beautiful different cuts of diamonds. They will bring them joy and make them feel loved and appreciated.

A perfect gift for a bridesmaid is the Marco Bicego 18K yellow and white gold diamond dangle earrings from the Siviglia collection. It’s the perfect amount of cute and classy at once, with its dangle touch, perfect for sitting at a bar, walking down the aisle, wearing to a bachelorette party, wearing to a bridal shower, and perhaps even to a baby shower somewhere down the line! These earrings come with small diamonds embedded throughout the round stud portion. The blend of white and yellow gold will make your bridesmaids’ ears shine all evening throughout your wedding reception party. She will absolutely love these earrings.

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Royal blue is the color of loyalty, faith and commitment. Many bridesmaids have worn blue to the wedding to show their loyalty, faith and commitment to the bride over the years as per tradition. To signify this aspect of wedding traditions, surprise your bridesmaid with a gorgeous Marco Bicego 18k yellow gold blue topaz necklace from the Delicati collection. It comes with a blue topaz pendant, a thin yellow gold chain and is oval shaped. This gorgeous necklace is the perfect item to surprise your bridesmaid with to show her your appreciation for her faith, loyalty and commitment to you as the bride before sending you off into the next phase of your life. She’ll wear it with honor, and it’ll go beautifully with dresses of all color, including yellow, blue, violet, gray and olive. She can wear it on night outs, with any type of formal wear, to your bridal shower, your bachelorette party, and even your future baby shower. No matter what the occasion, this necklace will give your bridesmaid company and signify a beautiful bond in your friendship together.

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Among bridesmaids, the one who is the most significant is perhaps your maid of honor. The maid of honor is special because she’s the one to take the lead in all the significant planning, organizing and running of the show. The Memoire 18k white gold .50ct diamond bouquet pendant is the perfect gift for the maid of honor. This pendant signifies honor as well as memory. It comes with small diamond embedments throughout the loop, a thin square chain, and a large diamond pendant center. This is a beautiful item that goes with just about any outfit, including her bridesmaids dress. It’ll look beautiful with her bouquet when she walks down the aisle to grace it prior to the bride’s walk. She can wear it to the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, the wedding, the wedding reception party and perhaps even the baby shower somewhere down the line. This pendant will signify a tremendous bond between you and your maid of honor. It is really the perfect gift to give her prior to your wedding day. You can surprise her with it on the night before the wedding to show her your appreciation, or even at the bridal shower when all your friends are present. She’ll love it.

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