Get A Tourist Visa With Ease Online

tourist visa to Canada

Get a tourist visa with ease online

Canada is a famous nation because of its stunning beauty and cultural diversity. It is one of the most preferred places for the tourists all over the globe. Astonishing locales, vivacious cities, and warm people shall render the travel experience valuable in Canada. In case you intend to visit Canada, you can approach any reputed immigration consultants that may aid you to obtain the tourist visa.

A tourist visa shall permit the applicant to move to Canada just for a less amount of time and notice its beauty and rich heritage of the nation. But you have to make it definite that you travel to Canada only with the intention of tourism purpose and not get involved with any business or some other activities.

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Visit to Canada has basic requirements as:

 You must possess a valid passport and you ought to have no migration and criminal case against you. You should offer a genuine reason responsible for your return to the motherland such as family record etc. You must be quite hale and hearty and undergo a proper medical checkup. Also, the migration officer must be persuaded that you will not stay in Canada after the visit is over. You are needed to have sufficient funds to bear the costs of travel.

In a few instances, it will be necessary for you to clear the medical examination or you must possess a letter from someone inviting you to reside in Canada.

When you apply for a tourist visa to Canada, there happen to be two methods ETA or electronic travel authorization and visitor visa.

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Electronic travel authorization

The ETA is by electronic means correlated to the passport and will be valid for a long span of time of five years or the period the passport expires. If you submit an application via an ETA, it will prove to be very easy and low- priced online process. You just require a valid passport, a credit card, and an email address to accomplish formalities online.

Visitor visa

It is also called a temporary resident visa that may be applied online, or it can be via paper application.

Online – To apply online, the applicant should possess electronic copies of the documents such as medical records, education certificates, and valid employment record. All these things are needed to be uploaded together with a passport as well as a functional credit card necessary for payment.

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Paper – To apply to paper needed for a visitor visa, the applicant ought to obtain the application package. You will have to fill out the necessary information in your form and then affix the required documents. After that, you shall have to pay fees for application and ultimately submit the file containing the application to be processed further.

You can contact any immigration consultant to complete the process of Canada tourist visa service for your ease and accuracy of the process. The application for tourist visa tends to be processed in a week or may be less than a week. It will be later on reviewed by the officers of immigration.

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