Getting The Most Of Your Business Social Media Accounts

If you read anything about giving your business the best advantages online right now you’ll see at least one mention of utilizing social media. Social media can help you relate and connect more to your customers, it can help with brand awareness, it can help attract new customers, and it can also help turn visitors into sales.

Social media, for the most part, is a free asset that all businesses should be taking advantage of. Sure, some of them make you jump through hoops, like Facebook with all of their nonsense that keeps you from showing up on every person’s news feed that has liked your page. But for all the annoying and bad features, there is so much good.

You might be unsure of which social media site you should be using. Here is a little rundown of a few of the most popular ones, and what they can do for you and your business. At the very least, you should be on these four sites.

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Getting The Most Of Your Business Social Media Accounts

Facebook is pretty simple to use, and it can be fun. You can set up business pages for people to simply like, and you can set up group pages where there is more interaction with your fans. You can use Facebook to get on the level of your customers and really get to know them and let them get to know you.

Use Facebook to share coupons, updates on your business, and even to make contests to attract new customers. Facebook also has an ads feature that is very useful to businesses and is definitely worth the small cost. Learn how to use this platform immediately for best results.

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Getting The Most Of Your Business Social Media Accounts

Twitter may still be less popular than Facebook, but it is a great asset that businesses should be taking advantage of. Though you have a limited amount of characters you can type (rumor has it that will be changing soon), you can still get the word out on sales, changes to staff and services, new products available, and more. It’s just a great way to keep customers informed.


Getting The Most Of Your Business Social Media Accounts

YouTube is becoming more and more popular now with bloggers using it for tutorials, and commercials being shared via their easy to use platform. Not only can you make tutorials and commercials, but you can use YouTube to introduce new products and services, and even give your customers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at your business that builds trust and comfort.

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Getting The Most Of Your Business Social Media Accounts

Instagram is the social butterfly of social media. It literally goes everywhere and shares everything, and it is definitely a business asset. While you don’t want to be photographing your work lunch every day, you can use it to show off new product and more.

Some of the best things to do with Instagram for business include, showing the behind the scenes view and introducing fans to who is behind the scenes.

Don’t miss out on all the great things social media can do for you and your company. It doesn’t cost a thing to get your business on any of these, but it just might make you some money!

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