Handy Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Termites!

One of the worst pests that can destruct your furniture is termites. Termites can single handedly ruin your house in just few years. The first destructive campaign of termites might not be visible to naked eye. Only after considerable damage is done, you will notice their infestation. However, until then it may be too late. Hence, it is necessary to protect your home from termites and to get rid of them as soon as infestation begins. Termites look similar to ants but have completely different behavior. They pose a higher threat to your house as compared to ants.

A typical colony is made up of lakh of swarmers, soldiers and workers that are responsible to cause serious damage to your house and furniture. Apart from this, a single queen lays about thousands of eggs every day that can survive for around 50 years. Hence, it is best to keep them away from your home and avoid massive damage of your property. If you follow few simple tips then you can prevent termite infestation.

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Handy Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Termites!

Get Annual Check Ups

Receiving annual checkups for termite infestations can help prevent the termite infection. You can get these infestations checked from professional like Pest Control in Perth. You can discuss with the expert regarding some conditions of your house like excess moisture, wood to ground contact that can increase termite infestations.

Prevent Subterranean Termite Infestation

  • Remove complete access
  • Seal gaps around water line where there is a possibility that termites might enter
  • Seal gas lines connecting your home
  • Reduce wood to ground contact through which maximum infestation takes place.
  • You can also treat the wood with termicide to prevent termite infection

Reduce Food Sources

  • You can reduce the food resources for termites by throwing out cellulose containing materials from your house and termite crawl places.
  • Make sure wooden siding is kept at some distance above the ground.
  • You can reduce excess moisture in the environment of your home.
  • Make sure that water does not pool or accumulate in your home.
  • Make sure that the moisture content is reduced in the basement areas
  • Fix faulty or leaking pumps and gutters immediately. Inspect lumber used for railroad ties for termite infestation before bringing it in your home for gardening purposes.
  • You can take help of pest management professionals to recommend you some simple prevention techniques for termites or use of liquid treatment for infested wood.
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Just monitoring your home and furniture for infestation will not help because you cannot actually see termite infestation with naked eye very easily unless some serious damage is done.

Prevent Dry Wood Termite Infestation

  • Remove¬† complete access
  • Seal gaps and small cracks in the exterior of wood as termite can enter through them.
  • You can apply fresh paint coat on your furniture that can seal the small crevices and act as screen guard against termites and bugs too.
  • Reduce food sources for termites so they will automatically not infest. Remove dead trees, firewood logs from your house.
  • Inspect lumber before taking it into your house.
  • Wood shingles are great source for termite infestation. You can ask termite experts for various prevention techniques.
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Ensure that sub floor area vents are opened. Improper ventilation in sub floor regions of hoe will create high moisture zone and increase humidity. This in turn will attract termites. Hence, you can use ventilation fans and exhausts to reduce moisture content.  Use of termite treated timber for fencing, walls or garden beds is a good option. Termite treated timber will not attract any pests towards it and thus remain free from infestation.

Thus by following these simple tips, you can keep your home free from termite infestation.

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Daniel Clark been working with Pest Control Company in Perth for the past few years and is a professional blogger too. Here he is sharing some tips for preventing termite infestation in your home.

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