Drinking the right amount of water needed for your body, in the right way, is an art. And, learning this art is the key to healthy living.

Water constitute almost 80% of our body weight, and is an incredible part of our daily bodily mechanism. All your vital organs rely on water to function properly. It’s water that helps transport the essential nutrients to your cells, and also helps to keep the membranes of the nose and throat moist. Insufficient water supply to your body can lead to lethargy and fatigue.

And, therefore, the healthy intake of water is one of the most important things to keep your body healthy against many major health problems.

What are the Problems that can be caused by insufficient intake of Water?

  • Kidney Stone
  • Constipation
  • Dehydration
  • Temperature balance

Is it just water that helps to keep you hydrated?

Every liquid will keep you hydrated. But, normally, water is what widely preferred, because, water is free or cheap, and it has no calories or sugar added to it.

Clarifications on the amount of water intake, each day

The amount of daily water intake depends on several factors.

  • Level of physical activity
  • Whether you are pregnant/breast feeding
  • Suffering from a fever/flu/diarrhoea/vomiting/urinary infection
  • Climate/altitude

What are healthier ways to drink water?

  • Drink water when you wake up in the morning:

When you sleep, your body tends to lose water. Therefore, make it a habit to drink a glass of water each before you go to bed and as the first thing after you get up. This will also help you to eliminate the toxic waste that has accumulated in your body all night.

  • Drink small amounts of water frequently:

It’s better to consume water in small amounts at different times of the day, than to consume lots of water at a stretch.

  • Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. Elderly people are much less sensitive to the feeling of thirst.
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Some tips for you to increase your water consumption

  • Do you find the water a bit boring?

Do you find Water consumption a bit boring? Then why not try adding some flavors? Instead of adding artificial flavors to your water, try adding some of the healthy natural substances, like, watermelon chunks and mint or orange slices.

  • Try spicing up your diet.

Try adding crushed pepper to your diet. This will eventually draw you towards your water pitcher. And, also, pepper is healthy enough to improve your metabolism.

  • Keep a bottle of water always close to you.

Remember to keep a bottle of water always close to you. This will remind you to have a sip from it now and then.

  • Eat water rich foods. There are many vegetables and fruits that are rich in their water content. Remember to include foods like cucumbers, melons, celery, or even soup with a light broth.

Myth about water conception

  • 8 glasses of water are mandatory.

The origin of this particular theory is still a mystery. But, recent studies have shown that the amount of water intake for each individual is different. It, foremost, depends on the individual’s health condition, geography, age, daily chores and diet.

  • Drink only when you are thirsty, and the fluids required for your body will be balanced. During heavy exercise and all, you lose your fluids so rapidly that the brain can’t respond in time. In such conditions, hydrate your body even before you feel dehydrated.
  • Tea and Coffee will dehydrate you. If consumed in moderation, the Caffeinated drinks are not going to dehydrate you. After all, your favorite morning Caffeine is basically water. If you are consuming five cups or less per day of coffee, tea or cola, that is not going to harm you.
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You won’t get dehydrated while swimming

  • Actually, you are more likely to get dehydrated after an extended period in the pool or ocean. The feeling of thirst is controlled by the volume of blood at the center of your body. And, when your Brain senses a lack of blood at your core, you reach for your glass.
  • But, while in a pool or ocean, the hydrostatic pressure pushes the blood from your skin to the center of your body. And, so when you come out after a swim, the last thing you want to look at is a glass of water.

When all should you consume water?

  • Drinking water should be the first thing to do after you get up, and before you hit your bed, at night
  • Make it a habit to drink water before each meal
  • Sip water before/after your daily workout
  • Have water with your medication
  • Drink more water to prevent illness after any harmful exposures
  • Consume more water than usual when you are ill/pregnant

Analyzing the different kinds of water available for drinking

  • Tap water:

The municipal water that comes out of the faucets is usually purified with chlorine and will be having added fluoride in it. It is treated, disinfected and processed. But adding chlorine is suspected to have a link towards the development of cancer.

  • Distilled water:

The distilled water will not be having any minerals in it, as the water is first vaporized and then collected. This will result in leaving behind any solid residues in the water, including minerals.

  • Reverse osmosis:

The water produced from reverse osmosis is usually acidic and will not be having the minerals. This is because, the water will be made to pass through membranes that remove large particles, pollutants and minerals.

  • Deionized water:

The Deionized water will be made free from ionized impurities. But, it will be still having the bacterias or other pathogens.

  • Well water:

Wells are the holes dug in the ground and the water will be brought to the ground using pumps. This kind of water is rich in minerals and is safe to drink..

  • Natural spring water:

The natural spring water is natural and is one of the best water to consume. It is rich in minerals.

  • Alkaline water:

Alkaline water, which is also known as ionized water is one of the best kind of water to drink. This kind of water as its pH level greater than 7. The water is ionized mainly for drinking purposes, helping your body to build a natural immunity, providing it with Oxygen, alkalinity and the basic nutrients.

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It’s always easy to think, why to make a big fuss on drinking water? Water is always available and why not drink it whenever convenient?

Yes, it’s true.

But, remember there is a lot of difference between having food any time and having food at the same time, every day.

Consistency and healthy life are deeply interlinked. And, moreover, following a healthy, consistent way of lifestyle will only lead you to good.

Healthy Living.

Maria McCarthy, an enthusiastic academician and health blogger, finds special interest in exploring and writing articles about health and nutrition. She also works for a wellness company named TyentUSA and is responsible for product quality assurance.

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