How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost?

How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost?

More versatile than wood, vinyl fencing has become an important choice for homeowners, commercial property managers and builders all over the world. They serve as an effective substitute for monotonous chain link fence and they present a strong statement, thereby increasing the property of your home. Invented in the mid-20s and popularized since then 1980s, vinyl fencing is almost five times as strong as wood and the flexibility of the same ensures that it can witness and deal with extreme weather conditions, when wooden fencing is more likely to break. It is also a preferable choice for individuals living near beach towns and areas as significant amount of salt and water exposure won’t deter its beauty unlike other fencing styles. That’s the reason you should go for vinyl fencing wholesale supplies, which not just assure of hassle free maintenance, but guarantee an ornamental look for your property as well.

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How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost?

And don’t worry, vinyl fencing makes for an easier installation. At the same time, they are an economical choice. Vinyl fencing wholesale in particular is quite cheaper than traditional fencing options and therefore, they save you money. You also get to save on repainting costs as you don’t have to repaint it over and over for protection from rotting and termite troubles.

But calculating the costs of vinyl fencing can be difficult. Here is how you can calculate the costs of vinyl fencing.

Typical overall costs for 159 linear feet of vinyl fencing can cost anywhere between $2200 to $3500. Prices is significantly lower when you choose vinyl fencing wholesale. The labour required for material acquisition, clean-up, set up, area preparation, planning and job equipment can further cost you up to $1500. Then supplies and other factors, such as equipment allowances and products like post hole auger, milter saw and portable concrete mix will cost you about $80, maximum $100 for 159 linear feet. This should give you a possible idea that the overall costs of vinyl fencing are somewhere around $3300 to $5000.

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How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost?

Typical foot rail, split rail and post and rail costs are anywhere from $4-12 a linear foot for materials. Similarly, materials for picket fence will cost $9-20 a foot for 3’-4’ fence. You will be expected to pay about $10-25 a foot for materials for a tall vinyl semi-privacy fence. But the ones with gating systems or even taller with full privacy can cost you up to $70 a foot.

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So, make sure that you opt for vinyl fencing wholesale distributors. The prices you will receive would be remarkably lower. You can use these estimates to calculate a cost or ask the company to provide you free estimates for your property or commercial requirements. Keep in mind that you add linear feet, fence labour, job supplies and materials along with fence equipment allowance into consideration while calculating the costs of vinyl fence.

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