How To Avoid Getting Mugged When On Vacation

You must often have heard of mugging incidents happening to friends on their vacations. You definitely do not want that to happen to you. Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure that.

Keep Your Ears And Eyes Open

Just because you are outside and away from your hometown doesn’t mean you can be careless about what people you are meeting. If you look like a tourist when on a vacation, then you might gain all the negative and extra attention from muggers and thieves.

So before you leave home prepare yourself for everything. Keep all your documents at your disposal at all times to ensure you are prepared for whatever situation is thrown at you. Following are a few tips that will help you dodge all kinds of mugging.

Do Not Carry Everything Wherever You Go

People think it is safer to carry all their belongings with them wherever they go. That may not be a smart option. It is always safer to leave your things behind in the hotel room, the apartment or the inn than to carry them around. Your expensive belongings can be kept in a safe provided in the hotel rooms rather than being stuffed in your backpack and carried at all places wherever you go. So the first thing you should do is; travel lightly.

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Don’t Carry Your Money In A Purse

It may be okay to carry your money in your purse or your wallet in your pocket when you are in your home town because you know how to handle situations. But it may not work for you if you follow the same policy when on vacation.

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So instead of carrying a large purse hanging behind you as you walk; wear a money belt. This will remain in front of your eyes at all times and ensure safety of your finances even in very crowded places. You can even put things like a bracelet or a watch in it.

Wear A Bag Smartly

It is best to wear a purse or carry a bag that falls across your shoulders. This allows you to remain aware of your belongings at all times and secures it. If you wear a regular bag or purse, that is safer especially in crowded areas.  Even when you reach the destination and are moving from the airport to your apartment or any place of residence, ensure all your bags are locked away securely. They should not look too fancy and gain attention from muggers or thieves.

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Don’t Be Too Careless

Whether you like it or not you have to remain proactive when walking around in a crowded area or otherwise. If you always remain aware of the fact that there are certain things you do not wish to lose at any cost, you will be more careful and mindful. Even in crowded areas and marketplaces you will be able to ensure that your things are secured and you are mindful about misplacing them.

All these tips will rid your trip of the uncomfortable stress of getting mugged.

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