How To Become Popular In College?

It is indeed a great feeling to go to a college of your dreams. College brings along lot of independence, self reliance and responsibilities. You must have got a hike in your daily allowance from parents and would be working part time, too. That brings in lot of money to pursue your hobbies and go around the town with your new and old buddies.

The new classmates you find in college come from various backgrounds and have different talents. So, the important question is how do you get popular with your college mates? Well, showing off is for the less talented ones. When you have outstanding talent, all you need to do is showcase it at the right place among right people. This will not only win you friends but popularity, too.

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You will get many opportunities to make friends with college mates like, in the class, on field study tours and casual outings. A common mistake college goers make is to get associated with few people and remain in just that social circle. However, it may be interesting to socialize with different people. Someone can be a good study partner while someone can be your budbuddy. It is a good idea to plan weekend trips with college mates. You have more than many options for it. You can go sightseeing, mountain hiking, river rafting and what not! Just stock up on beer and budmail will take care of your weed need. Relaxed buddy times are wonderful to fuel friendships that end a lifetime.

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You can choose to be a part of the college band or join your favourite sport team. It will not only let you enjoy the sport and other activities but also make you popular with team mates. These activities are good for inculcating team spirit and ability to share goals that are not taught in the class room courses.

Get ready for college days and give them to the fullest because you are young only once…Enjoy Life!

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