Increase Your Security Needs During Winter

For retailers, the run up to the festive season can be one of the most profitable times of the year, as shoppers hit the high street in full force. Yet it is also one of the most prolific times of year for theft and crime, which can impact on retailers and other business owners. Increasing your security needs at this time of year can be one of the most sensible and cost-saving moves you could make for your business.


As Christmas approaches, it is one of the busiest periods for would-be shoplifters. With stores full of shoppers and staff often taking a more relaxed approach as the festive season gets into full swing, it provides easier pickings for those pinching products off shelves without paying for them. In fact, according to the Centre for Retail Research,  thieves will steal an average of £37.04 of goods. In 2013, up to £978 million was lost from shoplifting in the UK in the six weeks from mid-November to end of December.

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At this time of year, businesses, therefore, need to ensure that they have sufficient security in place to deal with this potential problem. Having a security guard positioned in store can act as a deterrent, but plain-clothes store detectives can also help to spot would-be thieves in action, in a discreet manner. This strategy could help a business save thousands of pounds each festive season.

Dark Nights

Crime is also rife at this time of year as the nights draw in and dark conditions outside make for perfect conditions for thieves to break in and enter buildings. According to home selling expert Rightmove , statistics show that a 20% increase in burglaries occurs during the darker months, as the long nights and dark streets mean that houses are easy targets for burglaries. It is not, however, just domestic properties that are at risk. Business premises are also prime targets for burglaries in winter, especially those that contain expensive equipment and technology.

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Even if your business has a security alarm system in place, it can still be worth hiring the services of a security guard to patrol your premises, especially over the Christmas period when the premises will be empty for several days. Thieves are increasingly cunning at entering buildings even when alarms are set, so having a security guard patrol the premises can provide additional security and protection, especially if you have company assets outside the building, such as vehicles.

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Every business has different needs when it comes to security, so it is worth speaking to a professional organization to find out which areas of your business might need protecting the most over the festive season. Cuff Security offer professional security guards in the UK and Ireland, whether you are looking for security guards Dublin area or Cuff Security Belfast region, or beyond.

As many business owners begin to relax as the festive period looms, it is crucial to consider how you are managing security of your business over this period, to reduce the risk of any criminal activities from taking place.

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