Keeping those drinks nice and cool

There is more to a successful pub these days than the beer on tap. Habits and lifestyles have changed, and increasingly, pubs find themselves having to cater to families.

Five years ago, it was all doom and gloom for the bar and pub industry with much-publicized closures happening up and down the country, as reported in The Guardian among others. Things were picking up again and people were beginning to spend more as industry experts, Big Hospitality outlines.

Quirky bars and pubs such as ice hotels and bars have become increasingly popular with many people looking for a different experience. These locations are kept cold due to fans with a Spiral Duct such as the ones you can find at or similar being located in the rooms and funneling cold air around the ice sculptures as well as circulating the icy air around to add to the atmosphere.

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With summer just around the corner, pubs, bars, and restaurants need to be prepared to meet customers’ needs for both food and drink, and that means being able to provide ice-cold drinks. Now is the time to service or replace your fridges.

What’s The Difference Between A Bottle Cooler And A Fridge?

Bottle coolers are similar to fridges, though will generally have glass doors that allow potential customers to see the different brands on offer and make their choice of can or bottle. The coolers can hold a good supply of drinks, and keep them at the perfect temperature, whilst displaying them at their best. They are simple to set up and allow easy access to contents.

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Many coolers will feature a bottle opener and cap catcher, and whilst a fridge usually has a hinged door, a cooler is more likely to have a sliding door allowing access easily in a confined space behind a bar.

Different Finishes

There is not really a ‘better’ finish when it comes to bottle coolers – it depends on the style and personality of your establishment. Stainless steel gives a strong, industrial, rugged feel that is scratch-resistant and hard wearing. On the other hand, vinyl can be matched to any interior and does not cost as much as steel.

Once you have decided on the style you need, pin down exactly what size you need by measuring the space you will have and confirm the requirements for what it needs to do. For example, a bar cooler will need to work harder than a unit in a hotel room. Many will come with adjustable shelves so you can make the unit work better for your requirements.

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Price Guide

Starting up a business can be an expensive time so it might be tempting to choose a unit with a budget price tag. Remember the old adage though that “you get what you pay for”, so do not make your choice based purely on price.

Do not forget to allow space for air to circulate around the vents, which will improve energy efficiency and also prolong the life of the unit. Efficiency can be further improved by regular maintenance and cleaning of the accessible parts, so make that part of your business as usual routine.

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