Microsoft Reportedly Ready To Launch Smartwatch Within Weeks

World’s best tech giant Microsoft is ready to launch a wearable device (smart watch) in the next couple of weeks. And This device will sport a health-tracking features, According to the reports of Forbes, smart watches, which can run on different mobile operating systems. According to reliable sources, for moderate users, the watch battery life of at least two days when fully charged. This has gone beyond the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch and Moto 360. This wearable device is expected to be released in the holiday season, Apple reportedly planned during this period lucrative publishing his watch, but ultimately had to be delayed until 2015 spring.

Microsoft’s wearable announced its SPOT smartwatch in 2004 that used FM radio signals to send instant messages from Windows Messenger, news headlines, stock information, and weather forecasts to your wrist. Forbes first reported in May this year, Microsoft is developing a smart watch, which combines Microsoft Kinect departments have optical engineering, will achieve synchronization with iPhone, Android devices and Windows Phones is. As for Microsoft’s name for this product and retail pricing, is still unclear.

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Microsoft’s new focus under CEO Satya Nadella led for the first time to enter a new kind of device business. Wearable Technology is still a terra Incognita, although there have been on the market, Samsung’s Smart Watch and the upcoming Apple Watch. 2015 this market will be worth 7.1 billion dollars.

Nadella trying to make Microsoft products used in “all devices” consistent with the objectives. This year, three released iPad version of Microsoft Office marks the company’s former CEO has been away from his predecessor envisaged Microsoft Steve Ballmer advocated Windows-only.

It now appears that Ballmer’s strategy may not be wise, considering Windows Phone currently occupy only 2.5 percent of the global smart phone market, according to the International Data Consulting Corporation (IDC) data show. And now Microsoft is gradually will own wearable device targeting more customers, compared to Apple Watch applies only to iOS devices.

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Up to two days of battery life allows Microsoft to get the market has entered the Wearable big competitors do not have the advantage. When buying a smart phone, consumers think the battery life is one of the most important factors, but the issue at the conference last week, Apple Watch is an obvious cover up. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the Galaxy Gear and Moto 360 and the like, Apple Watch will need to be charged every day.

Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch also has ongoing heart rate monitor feature, which because of stylish exterior design and critical acclaim, but the various comments to display its battery life only last 24 hours. Some wearable devices, such as Pebble and Jawbone Up24, a single charge can last for several days or even weeks, but when a device has a color display, such as Apple Watch or Galaxy Gear, long battery life will become unlikely.

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When it comes to battery life, Microsoft benefited from their years of expertise in software, which allows it to develop wearable devices to enhance the efficiency of power transmission sensor integration. After 2011, Microsoft released Kinect somatosensory game equipment for the XBOX360, it became the fastest-selling official records in consumer devices.

Wearable watches served up information like weather forecasts, news headlinesMicrosoft conducted by Microsoft Research Machine Learning history will point out a future health monitoring device model commercial development, provided that if it chooses to take advantage of close relations with corporate clients. For example, Microsoft can promote their own wearable device and any accompanying cloud-based software as a help cut the cost of health care services, primarily to monitor and encourage healthy behavior by employees to achieve.

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