Looking For A Quick And Efficient Way To Remove Sealants & Adhesives?

There comes a time when we all need, for one reason or another, to remove sealant or adhesive. Perhaps you’re looking to silicon from a home installation or are needing to remove printing ink in industrial situations. Whatever the reason you’re looking for a way to remove sealants and adhesives, we’re fairly confident that we’ve got the perfect solution for you. This solution, as far as we’re concerned, comes in the form of CT1 Multisolve.

If you’re not familiar with the product (something which is entirely possible), in short, CT1 Multisolve is a revolutionary new, multi-purpose solvent which is perfect for removing everything from silicon and oil through to printing ink and adhesives. If you’re looking for a super-solvent, we’re pretty sure you’ve just found it. We’ve tried numerous solvents in the past however we’ve never found one as flexible as this one. Whatever you’re trying to remove, there’s a very good chance that CT1 is the perfect product to do just that.

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When it comes to preparing a surface, we’re convinced you need to try CT1 Multisolve for one or more of the below reasons:

  • Spray on and within seconds your surface is ready for treatment.
  • Removes sealants, adhesives, oil, paraffin, grease, silicon, wax, printing ink & more.
  • Leaves no oil film.
  • Fast and thorough.
  • Fast drying.
  • Can be used on painted surfaces, glass, rubber, plastic & more.
  • Ideal for a wide range of trades.
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Whether you’re working in a trade such as plumbing, tiling, building, sign making, electricals or other industries, you won’t know just how effective CT1 Multisolve is until you’ve tried it. We’re convinced that there’s no other solvents to match the effectiveness of CT1 Multisolve and we’d now use no other product. Why not try it for yourself and appreciate that you’ve found a solution for removing sealants and adhesives which is quick, easy and effective!

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