Your Top Wooden Jewellery Finds This Year

Your Top Wooden Jewellery Finds This Year

When most people think jewellery, they think metal. They think gemstones. What they don’t often think of is wooden jewellery. While some may think that this is a drawback to choosing wooden accessories, it actually is what makes wooden pieces all the more endearing. Wood pieces are even more special than the rest as they are for the most part handmade, making the one of a kind piece that you wear or give to a loved one all the more special. Here is our quick list of wooden finds that you need to be on the look out for this year:

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Though this past year was very much about the bling and the glam of gems and flashy stones, there is always a place in every woman’s heart for a wooden necklace. Incredibly natural in appearance and coming in a variety of designs, these pieces are often carved so beautifully that women consider them their “finest piece” of fashion jewellery.

TIP: Most wooden pieces are made from yew, walnut, holly, sycamore, and/or ebony.


Wooden earrings are exceptionally rare considering all of the other materials that are typically used to make earrings, which makes them all the more special. Earrings made of this material also tend to be far more intricate than other pieces, and are often produced from reclaimed wood.

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TIP: This makes wooden pieces ideal for anyone who is concerned about the environment.

Bracelets and Bangles

Wooden bracelets and bangles are perhaps the most “traditional” piece of wood jewellery. Some of the most basic are made of solid wood, but you can also easily find these wooden pieces in mixtures that include different wood, different wood stains, as well as the addition of jewels and stones that kick the whole piece up to a whole new level.

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