Offbeat Activities To Try Out In Varanasi

Offbeat Activities To Try Out In Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the most interesting cities in the world. This place has a different air of its own that calls thousands of tourists every year to it. If you want to visit this city anytime soon then there are certainly a few off beat and extremely interesting activities that you ought to try out here and these activities will certainly make your trip to this holy city all the more memorable.

After you have made the booking for your hotel Varanasi, you can then head out to enjoy these lovely activities. Let us take a look at what they are:

  1. A dip in the Ganga: It is believed by the Hindus that if you take one dip headlong into the river, you will be purged of all your sins. This is a belief that is held very dear even to this date. Whether to purge your sins or not, when in Varanasi, you should at least once take a dip into the river to try out the adrenaline rush of it. The waters of the Ganga that flows through Varanasi is comparatively calm and hence you do not run a risk when dipping into the river, unlike the one in Haridwar, but it is always best if you do not go for a dip unsupervised. This is amongst some of the age-old practises that people do when they are in Varanasi and you can try it out too.
  2. Eat, eat and eat: Well, not exactly offbeat but when it comes to Varanasi, you have to try out the street food here. Delicious and finger licking good, the rabri and lassi of Varanasi is something that you cannot afford to miss. There is a roadside temple in the Godhulia Chowk on the way to the DashashwamedhaGhat. They often prepare bhog as offering to the Gods and after the puja is done they distribute it amongst the public. If you are lucky enough you will get a bowl that you should try out!
  3. Time for some, body art:Do you love Mehendi? Well then you have to get these lovely paintings on your hand and feet done. All you have to do is head out of one of the many five star hotels in Varanasi where you will be staying and try out the streets of the Godhulia Chowk and the market area. You are bound to come across people doing mehendi on the streets. Do try out this body art when in the city.
  4. Spend time in tranquillity: You can spend some really nice time by the ghats, though this is not an activity that many pople try out. If you sit at the ghats all day long you will learn a lot about the daily life of the people here!
  5. Read it: If you are looking for some really cool books then head out to the harmony book store near the AssiGhat to catch some interesting reads.
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These are some of the most off beat activities that you can try out in Varanasi. Enjoy your trip to this ancient city!

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