Organizing, Automating and Synchronizing CRM Made Easy

Have you realize how successful businesses might be? Have you realize why companies looking for an easy CRM instead of just a hand written plans and sales automation. CRM is use to manage a company’s interaction to a customer. It involves technology when using a CRM to manage, organize, automate, and synchronize their sales, customer support, marketing, and technical support.

CRM software is a customer-oriented feature with one-on-one solution, service responsive based on customer’s input, and directs online communication with customers and customer service centers that are intended to solve customer’s issues.

Customer Relationship Management Functions

Managing and Organizing your plans for your business and monitoring your employees are confusing to do for a business owner that are getting started but with MyBusiness CRM all of your hard work is replace with an easy, reliable, and intuitive platform for your business.

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MyBusiness CRM is software that provides an outstanding tool that helps your business leads to success. There are different functions of CRM.

Sales Force Automation

It implements sales promotion analysis, it also track your customer account history for repeated sales or future sales.

Data Warehouse

It is used to aggregate transaction information and it is also used to merge the information with the CRM products and to provide key performance indicators.

Opportunity Management

It help your company to manage and organize the unexpected growth and demand of your company, it also implement a good forecasting to integrate the customers sales history.

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Different Types of Customer Relationship Management

Call Centers

MyBusiness CRM provide a call center service that receives inbound and can also do an outbound call. The intention of doing that is to maximize the average revenue per user, decrease the churn rate and also decrease unproductive and idleness of contact with the customers.


MyBusiness CRM has a B2B feature to improve the customer relation and customer management conditions.

Social Media

Social media is the very productive platform where you can advertise your business and leads to sales and customer service. Some CRM integrate their business to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to track and communicate with customer sharing their experience and opinions pertaining with the company and product services.

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Monthly MyBusiness Cost

MyBusiness CRM software is a cheap but convenient platform that helps your manage your business. MyBusiness CRM provide a “Getting Started” plan that is worth $8/user/month (Billed Annually) But if you are a large company and needs an all-out support you can avail MyBusiness CRM Enterprise plan, it provides an all-out support plus it is a reasonable price of $55/user/month (Billed Annually)

MyBusiness is a very reliable CRM that give you an all-out support when you need. This CRM software will give you an outstanding business performace and a unique sale.

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