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Website is not really that hard to create as others are thinking, however some website platform requires a little bit knowledge about coding. If you are a beginner you might struggle and have many questions in mind about making a site. But do you really need to ask question if there is a website platform that does not really require people to have further knowledge about coding? And how to create a website?

The first step on creating a quality website is to select what website platform you are going to use. Before worrying about something that doesn’t need to be worry about, first think about what website platform you are going to use.

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WordPress vs. Simbla

When talking about popularity, wordpress standout. But when talking about quality, service, elegant websites, and affordability, Simbla standout.

Quality and Affordability

Installing themes, plugins, and customizing all of them in requires prior knowledge about wordpress installation and customization to make all of them work perfect and synhcronize. But with simbla starting your website is very fast, quality and very affordable.

Maintenance, Security and Stability

Constant update is essential when running a website using a wordpress, to make the quality services into wordpress you need to updated your site to their newest updated constantly.

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When using simbla, it is fast and easy to use and navigate. Simbla is secured and is hosted on Firehost,”The world’s leading secured cloud that is located in USA”

Attractive, Responsive and Website Quality

Many people use their mobile phone in using internet so your website must be very responsive. WordPress platform requires you to pick a theme that is responsive, not all themes in wordpress are responsive. Simbla is a “Bootstrap” platform; bootstrap is the leading platform when it comes in creating a responsive website.

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The Power of an Easy-to-use Platform

WordPress sites and blog are very powerful in the net but it requires you to learn a bit of a thing called “CODING” Coding is very wide when you learn it, BUT(big but) let’s say you don’t have time to learn about coding or you’re just lazy as sloth and you just want to use an easy-to-use platform, you need to go and try simbla. Simbla does not require you to learn coding to use it. It is very easy to use and you will not consume a large amount of time on using it.

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