The Best Ways To Promote Your Company Online

We live in a digital age. Almost everything we do these days leaves a virtual footprint, and promoting your company is no different. It isn’t enough to run an advert in the back of your local newspaper; if you want your company to really get noticed, you need to start promoting it digitally. Here are some of the best ways to start promoting your business online.

Create a Pinterest Page

Pinterest is a site that lets users create mood boards and collect pictures of their favourite fashion looks, pieces of furniture, food, and interiors. It’s a great way to promote your company, as this Guardian article explains. If you’re a retail business then post pictures of your top selling products. If you work in hair, beauty, or the leisure industry, post aspirational pictures that people will want to share.

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Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a free and easy way in which to grow your brand. Find someone in your office who has a way with words, and get them to start writing regular blog posts. These can be anything from company updates, to reviews of new products. The main thing to bear in mind is that they should be something that other people will want to read; so make them either fun, useful, or informative. This BBC article lays out the basics of blogging, and discusses the ways in which you can make money through running your own blog.

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Create a Promotional Video

Firms such as Spear Southwest, who provide Stroud web design services are familiar with the importance of creating a promotional video for your company. This is not only a great way to get your company’s message across, but is also a way to engage with customers. Make sure the video suits your company ethos; whether that be relaxed and informal, or serious and corporate. If you have already commissioned a firm to provide web design in Stroud or indeed in any other location, do ensure that the design allows for the inclusion of videos or links to them on the site.

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Whether you choose to create a high-quality promotional video, or to create a fun-filled blog, it’s easy to take steps to make your business more visible online.

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