Overview: New ‘Steer Clear’ App Provides On-Call Chauffeur Service

Overview: New ‘Stear Clear’ App Provides On-Call Chauffeur Service

Stear Clear aims to provide you personalized driving service for your own car during situations when you may not drive, when you may require security or lack parking space, or for special occasions. A chauffeur on call!

How Can Stear Clear Help?

Stear Clear provides safe and secure means of driving you home or around areas of interest, at lower rates compared to a taxi and only when you need it. Furthermore, you can send for Stear Clear to pick you up from any location.

Security and safety are Stear Clear’s primary reasons for being. If you or someone you know may be too intoxicated to drive, lacks a license, or is underage, then allow Stear Clear’s driver to take the wheel and avoid unnecessary risks.

Just call, and one driver arrives and stays with your car while you’re getting the stuff done. For one-way rides, a team of two drivers arrives. One of them basically drives you home in your own car while the other one is tasked to pick up the driver you rented service from.

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Their drivers go through stringent background and personality checks and with high standards on their driving skills. These are skilled drivers are fully trained on the Stear Clear technology, with customer service and confidentiality in mind. In addition, they are all insured and anything involving your car while under their care is fully covered under their policy.

Who can use Stear Clear?

If you want to become a member of StearClear, you only need to download the app for your iPhone or Android. You can also register online.

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Doing so will enable you to request a StearClear driver where you can choose the service you want. The good thing about this app is that it prompts you with follow-up questions, which are easily comprehensible and navigation-friendly.

How much does it Cost?

If you’re looking for Stear Clear rates, it depends on your preference. For one way trips, you will be charged the pick-up fee, along with the per mile charge. Because of this, prices would vary depending on your location. To be certain about the rates in your area, there’s an online rate finder and hotline.

Driver’s per hour driving also vary depending on location. All chauffeur services hold one hour minimum charge.

Paying for your ride is made even easier and more secure. They will charge you on your credit card they have on file. You will have the option to add gratuity and credit bonuses to your card using the STEARCLEAR Android app.

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How does the Stear Clear App Work?

For more convenience, you will be notified when you have a driver for your ride, via the Stear Clear App, and receive steady updates on how soon your ride will arrive. The app will prompt you with the driver’s name and phone number. In Syracuse, Stear Clear partners with a local DWI defense firm to help get the word out about the service.

Of course, the service depends on the availability of the drivers. Thus, it is encouraged for anyone to request services in advance especially at peak days – during weekends and holidays.

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