Personal Safety: Tips To Keep You Safe

Whilst everyone should be able to go about their business without worrying over their safety, sadly that is not always the case. National newspapers are always full of reports of people being attacked and injured, or even worse, so to minimise the chance of it happening to you, you need to take one or two steps.

A lot of the advice will be just common sense to most people but there are some who would walk home alone after a night at the pub and not give a thought to the possible danger they may be putting themselves in. Plan ahead to make sure you have a safe way of getting home. Make sure you don’t miss the last bus and if you do, get a taxi instead of walking alone. Avoid danger areas such as lonely streets, alley ways and subways and try not to walk past parked cars that have their engines running and people sitting inside. Keep alert to what is going on around you and avoid talking on your mobile or listening to music on headphones which could distract you. Consider carrying a Mini Twin Siren Personal Alarm to disorientate or shock potential attackers, allowing you that vital few seconds to make your escape. The last thing an attacker wants to do is draw attention to the situation so there’s a good chance they will back off and escape pretty quickly once you activate the alarm.

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Be extra vigilant whilst using a cash machine and don’t stand around in the street counting your money; that’s just asking for trouble.

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We all remember our parents warning us not to accept a lift from a stranger when we were young, so make sure you take their advice now that you are more mature; with a bit of thought and forward planning you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim and stay safe.

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