Red Coral Stone Signifies Strength

Tiny invertebrate coral polyp’s skeleton-like deposits in quiet waters at depths from 20 feet to 1,000 feet are called corals. Their colour below 160 feet is light. The best-coloured corals are found from 100 feet to 160 feet. They are in red and pink shades. The colour varies from white to vermilion red and deep scarlet. Astrologers relate coral to planet Mars and recommend use of deep red coral. Durable and intense red or pink coral is used in jewellery. The hard red coral skeleton has no lustre but it can be given a glassy shine by polishing. Coral is quite dense but soft. It is usually a highly polished, convex-cut and unaffected gem. It is often used to make beads.

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Deep Red Stones

Coral is the stone for the Aries-born. It is supposed to strengthen Mars. It is believed to bring the powers of Mars to the wearer giving the wearer strength, stamina, confidence and good health. Mars is linked with activity, courage, energy, ambition and command. Coral gemstone should weigh at least 1/10th in carats of the person’s body weight in kilograms. The minimum weight should not be less than 5.4 carats. The orange or deep red stone should have no spots and no chemical or heat treatment. Red coral is deemed to be the best for astrological aims. A good coral is opaque, round or oval and smooth.

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Consult an Expert

Anyone wishing to buy coral stone online is advised to consult an expert and buy one on a Tuesday in Shukla Paksha during Chitra, Anuradha or Dhanishtha constellation, but never on a Saturday. It should be set in a ring of gold and copper. The ring is to be worn an hour after sunrise until 11 am.

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Price Range is Very Wide

Red corals are available in online gems stores in different weights, in cylindrical and triangular shapes and colours. The price can be from Rs2500 to Rs6000. But the prices of some qualities can be around Rs2500 per carat or around Rs12000 per piece. In some cases, the price can exceed Rs25000. The online shops generally provide a certificate by an independent and reputed gem laboratory for the authenticity of all its gemstones.

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