Role Of English In Higher Education

Role Of English In Higher Education

English is the international language, it is a global language to communicate with any person throughout of the world. To survive in any country we just need an English and your mother tongue to communicate with any people. In every field, whether in educational or corporate world the need for communicating, understanding and speaking in English is very vital. Without these we can’t even step a single moment. Speaking and understanding in English, increases the standard of living. People respect the people from seeing the way you are dealing with them and how we respond to them. If your English is good, then it’s easy for you to understand anything very easily and don’t need to waste time in understanding each word individually. The role of English is very precious in a life of common people.

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For pursuing higher education like masters in some developed countries, it is compulsory to pass the IELTS (International English language testing system). Because, in doing masters, the need to speak and understand in English is compulsory. As in college students and lecturers come from different countries and from different regions. Each has different mother tongue and so it’s compulsory for everyone knows and speak in English. The government strictly considered this as compulsory for everyone to pass the IELTS exam for getting entry into countries, where the people have a mother tongue as English, countries like Australia, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, England and some countries. It is good for the people because they have to face the problem, if they didn’t catch the language which is speaking of the person then for doing everything they have to be depended on some person who knows the English very well.

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For giving seminars and for attending meetings we have to deal in English, people who are poor in English has to face the problem in expressing their opinion in meetings and seminars. Now in this world, there is no life without knowing the English, for doing everything we need English, without its support, we need the person who translates the English in your mother language. Learning different languages also help the people to understand easily anyone. Persons who have knowledge of different languages can go to any place without the need of translator to express your word. Gestures also play the important role in communicating with the people, but we can’t express everything with the help of gestures.

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IELTS course will help you in understanding and completing all the necessary rules and grammar you need to follow in English. Generally people speak in English, but they don’t follow the correct English grammar. That left the negative impression of the front person. Use of correct grammar and stopping the sentence at the correct point describes your command in English. In higher education people from different streams comes and you must be in a position to express your thoughts so clearly. IELTS course will help you in overcoming all your problems related to communicating in English.

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